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Accomplishments of NHLA in 2017

Posted by Marilyn Borgendale, Immediate Past President

NHLA is committed to networking, professional growth, and advocating for the future of New Hampshire Libraries.

For the Annual Membership Meeting on November 3, 2017, I summed up the NHLA accomplishments for the year.

  • #SaveIMLS and ALA’s Fight for Libraries—The Advocacy and Legislative Committees worked together to develop an NH advocacy plan and the membership took up the campaign.
  • On behalf of NHLA, the Executive Board submitted a comment for Net Neutrality.
  • Following a successful Spring Conference, NHLA has committed to a 2019 conference with the expectation of one in 2021. May 9-10, 2019 at Mill Falls in Meredith.
  • Adopted a tagline summarizing our mission and purpose. (see the header)
  • Secured places and support for eight NELLS (New England Library Leadership Symposium) participants.
  • Enacted policies to formalize our organization: Document Retention and Destruction, Conflict of Interest and Conference Cancellation.
  • Executive Board put measures in place for greater fiscal responsibility for the budget, continuing education and scholarship funds.
  • The officers began meeting every other month both for administrative discussions and as the new Finance Committee.
  • Shored up the committees, recruiting new people so that every committee has at least three members.
  • Implemented a joint ALA/NHLA student membership.
  • Recruited a social media coordinator to increase NHLA’s presence on Facebook. IFC is committed to a weekly posting and Advocacy and READS are making plans.
  • Recruited an archivist who has begun curating the NHLA archives.

These accomplishments are, of course, in addition to the great networking, professional growth and advocacy opportunities that CHILIS, READS, ParaLibrarians, ULAC, YALS, ITS and IFC have provided for NHLA members.

Congratulations! It was my pleasure to serve as your president.

FYI: Call for Proposals: ACRL/NEC 2018, “Failing Forward”

New Hampshire academic librarians or school/public librarians collaborating with colleges or universities are invited to submit proposals to ACRL New England’s Annual Conference.

Call for Proposals

“Failing Forward: Experimentation and Creativity in Libraries”

2018 ACRL New England Chapter Annual Conference
Friday, May 4, 2018
Hotel 1620 Plymouth Harbor
Plymouth, Massachusetts

We often talk at conferences about projects that went well. In contrast, we rarely discuss initiatives that failed, or unexpected obstacles that forced us to find another route to success. In our 2018 Annual Conference, the ACRL New England chapter is highlighting experimentation and creativity in college and research libraries by acknowledging that missteps and roadblocks are all part of the process. Join us in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in May 2018 to talk about “failing forward.”

We want to hear about your innovative ideas that went bust; your project development blunders; your event planning faux pas! Tell us how failure has helped you and your library to learn and grow. Give us insight into the missteps that have led you to unanticipated success. How has expanding your capacity for failure helped you to take risks and experience breakthroughs?

Staff, faculty, administrators, and students in all areas of librarianship are encouraged to submit proposals by January 19, 2018.

See the full call for proposals, including session formats, submission requirements, and the link to submit a proposal, on the conference website:

Questions? Email the 2018 Conference Planning Committee at

Highlights from the Fall 2017 CHILIS Conference

On October 19, CHILIS gathered at the Fireside Inn in West Lebanon and gave a warm farewell to Ann Hoey as she retired from the New Hampshire State Library. Best wishes were extended by outgoing CHILIS President Amber Coughlin (Lebanon Libraries) and Carol Sanborn (Hampton Falls) of the Seacoast Children’s Librarians. With gratitude, we gave a standing ovation to our longtime friend and advocate, Ann.

We welcomed new members into our fold and Amber handed over the gavel to our new President, Letty Goerner of Wadleigh Memorial Library (Gilford). To see the complete slate of officers and committee members, click HERE.

Saroj Ghoting, early literacy expert, provided outstanding training with her excellent presentation, “Storytimes and Early Literacy: Playful Learning for All.”

More to come!

2017 Fall Conference

READS Award of Excellence 2017 Winner

READS Award of Excellence 2017

Every Spring we post to our website and send out notification that we are accepting nominations for the READS Award of Excellence.  The purpose of the Award of Excellence is to recognize outstanding contributions by an individual who has been instrumental in improving library services to adults.  The nomination process involves filling out a three-page form.  We appreciate all the directors, department heads and coworkers who take the time to fill out a nomination form.

After the forms are filled out, our Award Selection Committee carefully evaluates the nominees.  The Award Selection Committee consists of the last two READS Past Presidents and the last three READS Award of Excellence recipients.

Last year we filled all the spaces on our Award of Excellence plaque with the names of our recipients.  This plaque is now being housed at the State Library.  This year’s winner will be the first name on our new plaque.

Every one of the nominees for the READS Award of Excellence has dedicated themselves to their communities above and beyond their share. Their passion for and commitment to helping others is truly inspiring.

This year’s winner is Roger Robbins from the Stephenson Memorial Library in Greenfield.  The following is an excerpt from his nomination, submitted by Stephenson Memorial Library Director, Beverly Pietlicki:

2017: READS Secretary, Kersten Matera (left) presents the READS Award of Excellence to recipient, Roger Robbins (center). Roger was nominated by Beverly Pietlicki (right), Director at the Stephenson Memorial Library.

Roger has 17 years NH library experience.  He has worked as a Reference librarian at Colby Sawyer College, Concord Public Library and Lebanon Public Library.  He taught bibliographic instruction, developed research guides and supervised Interlibrary loan.  Roger headed the migration of an ILS system to an open source system, has managed web pages and has been head cataloger. He has continually stepped up to the plate in assisting with Adult Services such as Reader’s Advisory, technology troubleshooting, managing adult volunteers, and coordinating outreach to a local adult independent living facility.  He has created useful tools to train new employees and has developed special collection areas such as local and New England specific history collections.  Having been a long time resident of New England, and accumulated experience working for several libraries, he is extremely resourceful in a meaningful and personal way with our patrons. He knows how to deal with the spectrum of our small town population with enviable grace and poise.

Congratulations Roger Robbins!

YALS Fall Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended our YALS Fall Conference. If you could take a moment to please take this brief survey to help us plan next years conference, it would be greatly appreciated. Your feedback is very important to us!

Click here.

The YALS Board


2017 Fall Conference

On Thursday, September 28, YALS held their annual Conference at the Local Government Center in Concord. A brief business meeting was held, the August meeting minutes were accepted as amended and new Officers were voted in.  Ann Hoey, our amazing Children’s and Youth Consultant at the New Hampshire State Library was honored with flowers and gifts in recognition of her upcoming retirement.

We will miss you greatly, Ann!

A Mental Health discussion was led by Rebecca DeHass, Psychologist at Change Direction NH. Tanya Ricker (Flume chair), Julia Lanter and Katherine Bollenbach (Isinglass Chair) updated us on the changes with our teen book awards. The Featured Speaker, Lisa Bunker, author of Felix YZ, spoke about her new book and how to make libraries a safer place for LGBTQ teens. A Safe Spaces panel – Lisa House (Rye Public Library) and Heather Ouellette-Cygan (GLSEN – NH Chapter) continued the conversation of how libraries can be safe spaces for teens. Staff members of the Portsmouth Public Library, Laura Horwood-Benton, Mollie Mulligan and Andrew Greenlaw-Houldsworth, shared how they currently use Social Media and how we can effectively reach teens with social media.

Conference Handouts – click here.

Quite a full day and definitely one of the best conferences we have ever held. If you missed this one, I hope you will consider joining us next year. Also, please consider coming to a YALS meeting. The next one is Thursday, November 9 at the local Government Center in Concord. Networking at 9:30 am, meeting begins at 10 am.


Flume/Isinglass Nominees Needed!

From Katherine Bollenbach, the Isinglass Chair:

I’ve gotten some displays for the Flume/Isinglass awards up in both my libraries (Belmont and Salisbury) and am sending pictures along in hopes of inspiring more displays! They’re simple but they’re working. I’m also attaching the simple poster I used – in Word format, so it’s editable if you’re only working with one of the awards. If you have a display, please send me pictures!

We also need more nominations – there’s only 4 up on the wiki at the moment, and I’ve already read 3 of them. As a reminder the criteria are:

Titles must be nominated by teens in grades 7-12, can be fiction or nonfiction books, with appeal to this age group. They must have a publication date within the last two years (no older than 2016). If the book is part of a series, it must be able to stand alone, meaning a reader doesn’t have to read the other books in the series to understand what’s going on. Forms and brochures available on the Flume and Isinglass websites: and Flume brochures are here:

Teen Awards (.pdf)

CHILIS Fall 2017 Conference


Storytimes and Early Literacy – Playful Learning For All

Please join us on October 19th, 2017 at the Fireside Inn in West Lebanon, New Hampshire for our annual CHILIS fall conference. As usual, we will conduct our business meeting, have raffles, food and drinks, and plenty of time for connecting with our colleagues.

This year, we have engaged the fabulous Saroj Ghoting to lead an exciting, interactive workshop called “Storytimes and Early Literacy – Playful Learning For All.” Be sure to bring a few of your favorite storytime books to work with. You can learn more about Saroj here: and you can see the day’s schedule HERE.

The conference will start at 8:30 and wrap up at 4:00 p.m. Please familiarize yourself with the NHLA conference/class cancellation policy and let us know of any food allergies or considerations you may require.

You may register via Wild Apricot at this link:


CHILIS Members $50 | Nonmembers $60

If you need to pay by check, please fill out this form and make check payable to NHLA/CHILIS. Send both by van to Portsmouth Public Library attn: Susan Laun or mail them to Susan Laun c/o Portsmouth Public Library, 175 Parrott Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801. Thank you.

See you there!

Flume/Isinglass Promotion Ideas

Do you have an amazing promotion idea for the Flume/Isinglass Awards? Something that really gets the teens reading?


Click on the Programming link to share.