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Raffle Basket Donations for Spring Conference

The spring conference raffle is scheduled for both days, so thank you to everyone who is contributing to the raffle – and be ready to buy those raffle tickets!

Sean/NHLA Ways and Means

Spring Conference Raffle – Thanks!

Thanks to the generosity of New Hampshire librarians, $525 was raised through the spring conference raffle at Attitash. Thank you to all the libraries, individuals, sections of NHLA and co-ops that donated either items for the raffle baskets or entire baskets! Thank you also to the librarians who purchased tickets over the course of the two day event. Annually, the money raised is designated for a fall conference speaker. Thanks again!

Sean Fleming / NHLA Ways and Means Committee

Request for donations for NHLA raffle baskets

With the spring conference just two months away, it’s time for me to send out a plea for items for the raffle baskets. Last year we raised $600, which the NHLA board decided to earmark to fund fall conference speakers. If you’re feeling generous, please route your donations to:

Location: Lebanon

Van stop: Lebanon Public Library

If you could get them to me by May 18th, that would be great.

Thanks! Sean/NHLA Ways and Mean

NHLA Fall Raffle – thanks!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the raffle – those who contributed baskets/items for the baskets, and also those who bought raffle tickets. We raised approximately $150 from the fall raffle, in addition to the $600 from the spring conference raffle. The NHLA Board recently decided to earmark this money for speakers at the fall conference, so you’ll see a direct benefit from this fundraising if you attend the fall conferences in the future. Thanks again!
Sean Fleming/NHLA Ways and Means

Request or plea for donations for NHLA fall conference raffle

At our last NHLA meeting, the board decided to use the money that we raise from our spring and fall conference raffles to bring in speakers that we might pass on otherwise due to cost factors. If your library, group, or just you yourself can donate some items for the fall conference raffle, you’ll be helping to bring in some great speakers! You can therefore expect these pleas for donations every six months or so (my apologies in advance).

Thanks again to everyone who donated items for the spring conference raffle. We raised over $600 from that effort. Also, thanks very much in advance to anyone who can send items for the upcoming raffle.

Sean Fleming
and Means
Lebanon van stop
Lebanon Public Library

Thanks to the contributors for the raffle baskets!

Thanks to all the libraries, co-ops and groups within NHLA that contributed to the raffle baskets for this year’s spring conference.  We raised over $600 over the course of the two days of the conference.  Thanks also to all the librarians who bought raffle tickets – we couldn’t have done it without you too!

Raffle at the Annual Fall Business Meeting

Be sure to buy your raffle tickets at the Common Man in Plymouth, Thursday, November 1st.  You can buy tickets all morning, and the raffle will be held during the lunch break.  Thanks to all of the groups that are contributing baskets or other items for the raffle.  All of the proceeds go to NHLA.  See you in Plymouth!

Notes on Barnes and Noble Fundraiser

Thanks to all the libraries that helped to raise money for the Great Stone Face Award by distributing vouchers for the Barnes and Noble fundraiser!  Many librarians played a role in helping to get the word out about this two-day event on April 20th and 21st – the beautiful weather translated into slow business in general for the Barnes and Noble stores, but thanks again to all who participated!

New Voucher for Barnes & Noble Event

The Salem store voucher for the upcoming Barnes & Noble fundraiser event is now available!  Just click on the link below.  To simplify life, I’ve also provided links to the other vouchers already posted on the blog earlier.

Remember, any voucher can be used in any store.  They are different only in announcing different events at the different stores.  Also, don’t forget to contact Sean Fleming at 448-2459, or email him at, to volunteer.

Volunteer for a Great Stone Face Award Fundraiser!

Would you like to help NHLA fundraise for the Great Stone Face Award?  Please join us at the Barnes & Noble stores in Manchester, Nashua, Salem and Newington (next door to Portsmouth).  If you’re interested and would like more information about this fundraiser, please read the “Barnes and Noble Book Fair” post on this blog.  Contact Sean at 448-2459, or email to volunteer.

The activities that volunteers are needed for are as follows:

  • Manchester B&N on Saturday (time slots for each activity – 10-12, 12-2, 2-4).  Activities include face-painting, making a bookmark for your favorite librarian, and storytimes.
  • Nashua B&N on Friday (6:30-9?)  Activities include assisting with the poetry slam.
  • Newington B&N on Saturday (times are flexible – whenever you can be there).  Activities include face painting, bookmark making, and making a present for your local librarian.
  • Salem B&N on Saturday (time slots for each activity – 10-12, 12-2, 2-4).  Activities include face-painting, making a bookmark for your favorite librarian, and storytimes.

Thanks for your help!