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READS-TO-GO Redesign

The READS-TO-GO Facebook page has been redesigned for the timeline profile.  Please utilize the page to post kit needs and availability, weigh in on discussable titles, ask questions about book group management, etc.  The RTG blog remains the place to go to find lists of titles, reproducible discussion questions, etc.  –Diane

READS-TO-GO Is On Facebook and Other Stuff

We set up a RTG Facebook account last Friday afternoon and we already have 69 people who “like” us!

Our address is

Please use this page if you have a RTG sitting on your shelf, if you need a RTG kit in a hurry, if you’ve read a recently published, really discussable book that you would like the committee to consider for a kit, if you have a question about RTG.

We also have a QR code for our blog, if you like to read blogs on your smart phone.


NHLA is on Twitter @nhlibrarians

As some of you may have heard, the New Hampshire Library Association is now on Twitter @nhlibrarians. We’ll probably be tweeting a little more often then we’ve been posting blog entries, and the content will be a little different…more conversational, more newsy about developments in the profession and industry, and at times more intellectually challenging. Would you like to contribute entries to the @nhlibrarians Twitter feed? If so, send me an email or send me a direct message on Twitter @nhlibrarians.

For those of you who think Twitter is still about sharing with the world what you had for lunch, you will be greatly surprised (and pleased) to learn that Twitter is increasingly considered a knowledge sharing universe of great importance. In fact, at a September 2009 symposium at Syracuse Univeristy, New York Times columnist David Pogue discussed how Twitter can serve as a tool of "cultural diplomacy."*

So, go to Twitter, create an account and start following NHLA. It won’t hurt, and you might learn a lot. If I still haven’t won you over, take a look at some of our recent tweets:

* Source: "Symposium guests will explore cultural diplomacy Sept. 20-21,", viewed on November 14, 2009.