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Request For Materials From Conference Presentations

I encourage all speakers/presenters from this week’s conference to send me their PowerPoint presentations or any other documents that they are willing to make available on the NHLA website.  I will create links to these documents on the Spring Conference website.  Send documents to  Thanks!

Conference Presentation Materials

I have created a new page on our website where anyone can download presentation materials from the conference.  You can get to the page from the Spring Conference webpage.  Right now the only materials posted are from my two sessions, but I will add others as I receive them.

Interlibrary Software PowerPoint Presentation

As promised, here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation given at the Interlibrary Loan Software session earlier today.  I’ll also be posting it, along with materials from other presenters, on the main Spring Conference web page over the course of the next week or so.