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Digital Summit and Membership Meeting on 6/1


The New Hampshire Library Association will offer a day-long Digital Summit and spring membership meeting on Friday June 1st at Hooksett Public Library.  With many more questions than answers about digital media and how libraries can respond effectively, this summit hopes to provide the latest information on digital content as it relates to libraries and new ideas about how to integrate digital media into your library resources and services.

Panels and speakers include:

  • Speaker from ALA highlighting the latest news from publishers and vendors of digital media
  • Cheryl Abdullah, director of the Dover Town Library (MA) – a finalist for Library Journal’s 2012 Best Small Library in America (“Small” in national standards is under 10,000 population; Dover has a population of 6,000)
  • Breakout sessions at lunch including OverDrive Advantage subscribers; eReader lending; NHDB leadership discussion; staff training ideas; and “I don’t want to talk about digital anything at lunch”
  • Panel discussion: How to Justify Digital Content in your Budget
  • Panel discussion: Beyond Downloadable Books

The membership meeting is extremely important this spring.  We plan to officially add two sections (YALS and IT), re-ratify our membership dues per our by-laws, and adopt a few by-laws revisions due to changes that have occurred since the last revision in 2006.

The cost to attend the day is FREE if you are an NHLA member and bring your own lunch.  There will be a $10 fee for lunch, payable upon registration, if you so choose.  Anyone with dietary restrictions should plan to bring their own lunch.  If you are not a member of NHLA and wish to attend, you can become a member when registering.  REGISTRATION FOR THIS SUMMIT IS REQUIRED EVEN IF ONLY ATTENDING THE MEMBERSHIP MEETING.  This is to ensure we have a quorum of NHLA members.

Registration forms will go out on March 30th, with a deadline of May 18th.  Mark your calendars for an information –packed day with your colleagues!

Membership report, April, 2010

Our current membership is 570. That will change with people joining as they sign up for the NHLA conference. There are also a couple of other updates that need to be made.

Mary Ahlgren

Save the date!

The NHLA Fall Business meeting will be held on Thursday, November 5th from 9 to 3 at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel.  Although the program hasn’t been printed yet, the working title for the 1 day conference is "Relax, Respect, Reflect, Redux" – I use the term "working" loosely, because my primary goal is for us to mix business with pleasure, putting the emphasis on fun. More information will be forthcoming soon.

Hope to see your smiling faces there!


 Judy Haskell

Increasing Membership, Fostering Innovation

As we all know, one of the many terrific perks of working at a library is having access to a wide range of interesting periodicals. Today I was looking through the December issue of the Harvard Business Review, and I found an article which I thought might have important applications to libraries.

The article was titled “Finding and Grooming Breakthrough Innovators.” In the article, the authors describe many common characteristics of innovators including their strong analytic skills and their ability to think strategically even in ambiguous situations. They are curious, assertive, persuasive and self-aware. Once identified by organizations, these individuals should be paired with mentors who help facilitate their growth and allow them to test new ideas and assumptions. They should also be encouraged to form networks with their innovative peers.

As an organization, NHLA does a good job of identifying and mentoring talented, innovative librarians amongst its membership, but how do we each do at identifying these innovators within our own libraries? Do we give them opportunities to develop their talents, and do we encourage them to join NHLA?

As President of NHLA, I encourage all members to make a New Year’s resolution to successfully recruit at least one new colleague to join NHLA in the year ahead. Even if that colleague works for another organization, why not offer them an opportunity to grow and help us innovate.