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NHLA Information Technology Section Meeting

Our next NHLA-ITS meeting is next Tuesday, April 8th, at 10am at the Bedford Public Library.  I hope you can all be there, and maybe even bring along a colleague or two!  If you missed our first meeting, you are still welcome to come to this meeting!!  Don’t feel you will have missed out on too much.

Here is what I have on the agenda so far:

  1. Update on Bylaws and Section Committee Structure (or lack thereof)
  2. Content Management System group update
  3. Selecting roundtable topics for calendar year 2009
  4. Maybe creating a process and a schedule for electing officers
  5. Setting a time for our next meeting
  6. News and notes from members

I’d also like to make this offer to the group:  At the start of our Tuesday meeting, would anyone like to give a brief 5-15 minute presentation on a project, area of research, or organizational struggle that you and/or your library is working on?  If so, that would be great.  I kind of like the idea of having one member giving a brief presentation at each meeting.

Hope to see you there,
Steve Butzel

New Information Technology Section Plans First Meeting

The first organizational meeting for the newly forming Information Technology section will be taking place on Tuesday, January 29th at the Bedford Public Library from 10am-12noon.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the section’s mission and goals, and to brainstorm ideas for future events, workshops, conference sessions, etc.  If you haven’t already contacted Steve Butzel about your interest in the section, it isn’t too late.  Just send him an email.  Your input is enthusiastically welcomed even if you can’t make the first meeting.

NHAIS annual meeting addendum

As an addendum to Steve Butzel’s blog on the NHAIS annual conference, I’m adding a few words about the second half of the conference, the subject of which was WebJunction.  Rachel Van Noord, the Community Services Consultant of WebJunction, spoke about the latest news from the organization, based in Seattle, WA, and at the suggestion of participants highlighted one of the popular features of WebJunction, i.e., TechAtlas.  Her express goal for the session, however, was to ascertain from us how we are currently using the program and what, if anything, can be done better to increase its usage.  This subject was also of particular interest to the NHAIS board.  After a few of us spoke in high regard of the program and how its hitherto low usage was more a question of a slower learning curve and not a question of the program’s value, it was generally decided that the program needs more time and more serious efforts towards its promotion.

Mark Glisson
Tech. Services
Hooksett Public Library

NHAIS Annual Meeting

Earlier today, I attended the 2007 NHAIS Annual Meeting in Manchester, NH.  The meeting had two primary purposes:  to give those in attendance an update on the progress of the State Library and the NH Automated Information Systems group over the past year; and to hear from a representative of Web Junction and discuss the merits of the NH Web Junction project.

In the first part of the meeting, we heard from State Librarian Michael York about the success of the consortia approach to the Downloadable Audiobook service.  I left my detailed notes at work tonight, so I can’t give you all the stats, but suffice it to say that the consortium as presently constituted spends a lot of money on a weekly basis buying content for all participating libraries.  (I think the figure was $1000 a week, but don’t quote me on that yet!)

Michael also took time to praise a number of the State Library and NHAIS staff on their accomplishments throughout the past year.  Amongst others, David Harris was lauded for his work as a terrific trainer, and Diana Degan and Bobbi Slossar (who was unable to attend the event because she is vacationing in Paris) for their work with databases and the downloadable audiobook service, respectively.

Following Michael was a presentation by Charlie LeBlanc on the state of affairs with the NHU-PAC.  Charlie threw out lots of stats that I can’t possibly remember without my notes, but suffice it to say that the number of bib records and item records is impressive.  Charlie also updated us on the status of the original cataloging service provided by NHAIS, and the ongoing effort to work with libraries to reload their records after deleting records for items that no longer are in their collections.

One particularly interesting question was asked about the NHAIS original cataloging service.  The issue had to do with why some local history items which have already been originally cataloged by NH libraries are not accepted into the NHAIS database.  If I understood Charlie’s response correctly, the answer had something to do with the fact that NHAIS wouldn’t accept records that didn’t have OCLC numbers, or numbers for a particular field that OCLC requires.  (Again, remember, I don’t have my notes with tonight, so I’m doing the best I can.)  Apparently, in order for these items to gain entry into the NHAIS database, the holding library must be willing to send the physical items to NHAIS so they can do the original cataloging themselves.  (Please leave us a comment, if I got this wrong!)

The second half of the meeting featured a presentation by Rachel Van Noord from WebJunction.  (To learn more about her, visit her WebJunction social networking page.)  Since it’s getting late tonight, and I don’t want to do Rachel a disservice, I am going to wait until tomorrow afternoon to write up my reflections on that part of the day.  Of course, if someone else would like to blog about it, please feel free!

READS-TO-GO Meeting has been cancelled

Due to the weather, the READS-TO-GO meeting scheduled for Monday, April 16 at the Local Government Center, Concord has been cancelled.

READS – Dec. 12, 2006 Meeting Minutes, draft

The draft edition of the meeting minutes from the December 12, 2006 READS Executive Board meeting are now available for download here.  (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file.)  They will also soon be posted on the READS website, but why not just grab them here!

Winter 2006 NHLA Newsletter and Meeting Minutes

The Winter 2006 NHLA Newsletter is now available online.  Click here to download it, or visit the NHLA Newsletter webpage to browse previous newsletters.  Also, draft versions of meeting minutes for Executive Board meetings in November and December 2006 have been added to the NHLA website.  Go to this webpage to take a look at them.

NHLA Executive Board Retreat

Executive Board - 2006 Retreat

Last Tuesday, December 12th, members of the outgoing and incoming Executive Boards met at the Local Government Center in Concord for an annual "retreat" designed to help manage the transition from one board to another.  During the meeting a wide range of issues were discussed and several specific goals established.  Expect the meeting minutes to be uploaded to the new website soon!