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Specialists Network (SpecNet)

Specialists Network Directory

Do you sometimes feel you have professional questions to ask and no one to direct them to? Do you find yourself with a wealth of knowledge and a desire to give back to your friends and colleagues in New Hampshire’s libraries? If you answered YES to either of these questions, then you’ll want to join the NHLA Specialists Network!

The idea for this Network developed from feedback provided by NHLA members. This Network will help members, who are rich in skill and experience, to make connections, share experiences, and learn from each other in a more organized way.

Why YOU should join the Network as a “specialist”…

  • To work collaboratively towards solutions
  • To make new connections
  • To give back to the library community
  • To foster the spread of best practices
  • To develop your leadership and training skills
  • And not least, to learn from those we help

Do you feel shy about your qualifications or about putting yourself forward as a “specialist”? Then please consider nominating a librarian to whom you’ve turned in the past for help. We promise to contact them first for their permission to be listed in the Network.

How to find a specialist or be listed as a specialist…

The SpecNet directory is available online. Feel free to contact our specialists directly! To be listed in the directory or for more information about the Network, contact Cab Vinton, Plaistow Public Library, 382-6011 or

Important Information for Everyone!

Please note that the Specialists Network is not intended as a formal mentoring program. Registered specialists are NOT committing to a long-term relationship or extensive periods of 1-on-1 training and support. Specialists will have total discretion in each instance over what assistance, if any, they provide. If you are an information-seeker, please be respectful of your contact’s time. NHLA is not responsible for the content of communications between library professionals who use this Network.

Please share your ideas and suggestions on ways to improve the NHLA Specialists Network: Cab Vinton, Plaistow Public Library, 382-6011 or