READS Fall Conference presentations posted

The slideshows that were prepared by speakers to show along with their presentations at the September 19, 2014 READS Fall Conference have been posted on our Resources page.

READS Annual Meeting documents

The READS Annual Business Meeting will take place on Friday, September 19, 2014 at 10:30 am as part of the READS Fall Conference.

Take a moment to review these two items, which will be on the Annual Meeting Agenda:

Nine New Kits!

RTG crop

Today we are announcing nine new RTG kits to serve book discussion groups throughout New Hampshire!

READS Fall conference is full

READS Fall conference attendees:
Thank you all for your prompt response. We are at capacity. If you are registered for the conference you will receive an email from the registrar with reminders about carpooling; water bottles; etc.
See you all on Friday, September 19th at the Hooksett Public Library.

2014 NHLA Ballot

And without further ado, the 2014 NHLA Ballot.

Please keep in mind that all ballots should be returned to Laconia Public Library before October 29, 2014. For further information regarding proposed bylaw changes, to be voted on at the Fall Business Meeting on November 7, please refer to our September 3 post.

Constitution and Bylaws for Proposed Paralibarian Section

Please review the following documents before casting your ballot:

NHLA Constitution and Bylaws without Paralibarian Section 
NHLA Constitution and Bylaws with Paralibrarian Section

  • Should the membership vote both to accept the Paralibrarian section and to amend the bylaws, then they will be voting to accept NHLAConstitutionBylawsParaL.pdf.
  • Should the membership vote to amend the bylaws, but not to accept the Paralibrarian section, then they will be voting to accept NHLAConstitutionBylawsNoParaL.pdf
  • Should the membership vote to accept the Paralibrarian section, but not to amend the bylaws, then the current constitution and bylaws will be amended under “Article 3, Section A, Section Representatives” to include a Paralibrarian section representative in the executive board
  • Should the membership vote neither to accept the Paralibrarian section, nor to amend the bylaws, then the organization will be governed by the current constitution and bylaws with no changes

Teen Summer Reading Evaluation

Remember to submit an evaluation for your Teen Summer Reading Program.

Here’s a quick link to the form:

Teen Summer Reading Program Evaluation Form

YALS: Looking for Board Nominations

This year we’re looking to fill two Board positions: Vice President / President-Elect and Treasurer.
Responsibilities for the two positions are as follows:

Vice President/President-Elect’s Duties:
1. Substitutes for the President in President’s absence.
2. Becomes Acting President upon death, resignation, or other incapacity of the President.
3. Presides upon request of President if President wishes to step down from the chair.
4. Serves as a member of the Administrative Committee, Executive Board and Finance Committee.
5. As Chair of the annual conference is in charge of Conference Planning Committee (responsible to the Executive Board).

Treasurer’s Duties:
1. Serves as a member of the Administrative Committee, Executive Board and chairs the Finance Committee.
2. Presents budget for approval by Executive Board at the first Executive Board meeting of the calendar year.
3. Presents financial reports Administrator at the annual business meeting / Fall Conference.
4. Submits accounts for annual audit to NHLA Treasurer.
5. Transfers funds from checking account to savings instruments in federally-approved agency on approval of Executive Board.
6. Treasurer should be prepared to discuss with the incoming Executive Board its fiscal responsibilities.
7. In the second year of each term, reviews Dues Schedule with Executive Board.
8. Collects YALS Conference registrations in years when a YALS Conference is held.

The Treasurer serves a two-year term.
The Vice President commits to serving one year as Vice President, one year as President, and one year as Past President.
The time goes quickly, and the positions are not particularly taxing, long descriptions notwithstanding.

We will vote at our Fall Meeting. If you have someone in mind, or are interested in the position yourself, please notify YALS Past President Kirsten Rundquist Corbett: or YALS President, Sylvie Brikiatis:

From: Kirsten Rundquist Corbett, YALS Past President, 2014

2014 NH Adult Summer Reading Program Evaluation

If your library offered a summer reading program for adults this summer, please complete the online evaluation form once the program is over. We use the information and statistics provided for reporting to the federal government as well as submitting grant applications. Please complete the evaluation whether or not you used the CSLP program–thanks!

Registration now open for READS Fall Conference

Please join READS on Friday, September 19, 2014 at the Hooksett Public Library for “Reference and Relevance in the 21st Century.”


  • Three professional development sessions led by colleagues with expertise to share
  • Technology petting zoo
  • READS Award of Excellence
  • READS annual business meeting
  • Lunch

Download brochure and registration form.

Deadline to register is September 8, 2014.