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Meeting Reminder

This Thursday, November 20, there’s a YALS meeting at Kimball Library in Atkinson.
Meeting starts at 10am, snacks at 9:30am.


NHLA Election Results

Attention all NHLA members: These are your new officers!

Jenn Hosking, Nashua Public Library:

Mary White, The Howe Library, Hanover

Deann Hunter, Laconia Public Library
Assistant Treasurer

Congratulations and thank you, new officers! Thank you officers who have just completed terms. And thank you to all of the officers maintaining your current posts.

We love our NHLA volunteers!


We had a Geisel Winner this year! The Ann Geisel Award of Merit went to Susan Brown of Derry Public Library.

These are excerpts from her nomination letters:

She is one of the smartest and most professional librarians I’ve met in my 20+ years working in libraries. One of the reasons I so enjoy her is that she is shares my interest in mentoring and nurturing young people entering the library profession. She is skilled at recognizing other staff member’s strengths and supporting them.

She is perhaps the most professional individual I have ever met…I’ve never known anyone in any profession who prepares better. Put another way, Susan does her homework! Without her unparalleled mentorship and guidance, it would have been extremely challenging, if not impossible, for me to arrive where I have today.

 I hold Susan in the highest regard both personally and as a colleague. Her many professional achievements and contributions to the New Hampshire library community make her an ideal choice to receive this award.

 I am a better Librarian and person for knowing Susan and I am proud to support her nomination for the Ann Geisel Award of Merit.

Congratulations, Susan! And thank you to the colleagues who recognized her excellence.

CHILIS On-the-Move Book Club Kits

Do you have multiple copies of a children’s book that a book discussion group would welcome? Are you willing to lend this set of books to another public library in NH?  If you answered yes to these two questions, please consider adding this book to the CHILIS On-the-Move Book Club holdings in NHU-PAC. You just need to complete a survey, and your information about the title will be entered into the statewide catalog. To enter the book titles, please visit the CHILIS On-the-Move Book Club Kit page, also located under the Resources tab above.

If you want to borrow a kit, you can search for one using NHU-PAC. Kits are sent via the van just like any ILL item.

Summer Memories

Our Fall conference is less than 48 hours away, but there’s still time to share some summer memories.  Thanks to the libraries who submitted photos of their children’s staff Fizzing, Booming, and Reading! If you would like to submit a photo to add, you can email me at liz@merrimacklibrary.org.

Here’s David at Barrington, deflecting LED throwies they made with their teens.  Later on, he dyed his beard blue and shaved his head when the kids read more than the teens.


Kristen and Wendy at Barrington show off whirligigs made from recyclables.


At Haverhill, they made firework art:


Emily and Kathy at Kimball prepare for a school visit in their science gear.


Kathy is covered in reptiles and bugs because her kids met their reading challenge. Yikes!

Greenfield creates a quilt out of their past summer reading T-Shirts.


Peterborough enjoyed timeless experiments like bouncing eggs and soda geysers.



Moultonborough’s patrons were greeted by a robot, constructed by the library’s maintenance staff!


Our July 4th parade in Merrimack was the wettest it’s been, so my Mad Scientist was extra mad.


A patron sent in this colorful photo from one of our Storytimes in the Park.


Angie and Steffaney got geared up and channeled Einstein for their school presentations.

The kids at Littleton made marble runners from cardboard tubes:


Looks like everyone had a fun summer! Looking forward to hearing about the activities you’ll be sharing this fall.

Best wishes,
Merrimack Public Library


READS Award of Excellence 2014

Mark GlissonCongratulations to Mark Glisson!

Mark is the 2014 recipient of the READS Award of Excellence. He is Information and Technical Services Specialist at Hooksett Library.

READS conference follow-up

Deb Baker’s presentation at the September 19 READS Fall Conference on “21st Century Reference and Adult Services” included small group discussions. Deb has collected and listed some of the great ideas shared in those groups: Small Group Ideas from READS Fall Conference (.docx file).

CHILIS Fall Conference Registration now closed

fall costumeFor those of you attending, we look forward to seeing you on the 9th in Greenfield for a great day with Starr LaTronica, M.H. Herlong, and wonderful, talented colleagues from around the state.

Wear something fall-ish for a discount on your raffle tickets!

For directions and the agenda, click HERE.

READS Fall Conference presentations posted

The slideshows that were prepared by speakers to show along with their presentations at the September 19, 2014 READS Fall Conference have been posted on our Resources page.

READS Annual Meeting documents

The READS Annual Business Meeting will take place on Friday, September 19, 2014 at 10:30 am as part of the READS Fall Conference.

Take a moment to review these two items, which will be on the Annual Meeting Agenda: