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Information Technology Section (ITS)

The Information Technology Section was formally accepted at the fall 2008 annual business meeting. While the section has most of its web presence in a Google Group, we will be adding content to this page as well.

If you would like to join the section, please send an email to the NHLA-ITS  listserv, and one of the managers will add you to the Google Group. There is no fee to join the section.

To view a copy of the ITS section bylaws, click here.

ILL Contact Lookup Spreadsheets

These Excel spreadsheets allow users to enter basic information for an ILL request, including the 4-digit HSA code(s) for the potential lender(s), and then click a single button to create an email to the lender(s).

1. The following spreadsheet accepts multiple library HSA codes so a single ILL request can be sent to multiple recipients with one click:

The spreadsheet relies on a macro to do its work, so you’ll probably see a security warning when you open the file. It’s safe to click Enable Macros. Depending on your security settings, however, you may need an Administrator to do this.

2. For those for whom the macro results in security warnings that you’re not able to work around, I’ve created a macro-free version as well available here:

Owing to limitations with Excel’s hyperlink function, this is not a multiple-recipient version. Note, too, that the function crashes if you try to cram too much text into an email. Accordingly, the formatting of the email is bare bones & you may have to eliminate characters, use abbreviations, etc. before the hyperlink function works properly.

If you use Gmail & the spreadsheets aren’t opening, either of these fixes should work:

1. (installs Google Notifier on systems other than Vista)

2. (Google Chrome hack)

If email addresses need to be corrected, feel free to do this on Sheet2 of either spreadsheet, and to correct them for everyone else with the State Library ( and here:

Any questions about the spreadsheets should be directed to:

Cab Vinton
NHLA IT Section
Plaistow Public Library
Plaistow, NH