NHLA Executive Board Minutes, July 19, 2005

Location: Local Government Center, Concord, NH

Present: Carl Heidenblad, Diane Tebbetts, Ann Hoey, Mary Ahlgren, Catherine Redden, Marilyn Borgendale, Heather Shumway, Sue McCann, Gail Drucker, Beth Strauss, and Jennifer Bone

The meeting was called to order by President Catherine Redden at 2:00 p.m.

Minutes: Minutes of the June 2005 meeting were approved after adding a line in the budget for professional fees and dues for $200. Gail requested that messages sent to the NHLA board be included in the message instead of being sent as an attachment. Heather made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected; Ann seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

President's Report: A contract has been signed with the North Conway Grand Hotel for the Fall Conference. They are giving us a rate of $69 a night for Thursday and Friday night, and if 10 people stay, the cost of hotel rental for the conference will decrease.

Treasurer's Report: Carl presented reports broken down by section and showing where we are in terms of the budget. Sue mentioned that the old accountant used to provide us with these monthly; Carl will see if Better Bookkeeping can set up the reports for us.


Bulk Mail: Catherine called to see if any of the bulk mail funds remained. They do. We can use postcards if the bulk mail number is printed on the postcards. Anyone using the bulk mail has to sort the mailing, and may take a crash course on sorting at the Post Office. If interested, contact Butch Picknell at 225-2358.


Affiliate Group Services Program: Catherine discovered that NHLA is eligible for services from this group. Elaine Dawson and Eleanor Barren came to speak to the Board. Their group offers a variety of support services to affiliate groups at no cost other than printing and postage. There is information on the Local Government Center website about this program. Consensus of the board was that we should start with having them handle our membership database. Will also investigate financial services and graphic design services for advocacy. Catherine will talk to the director and they will draw up a contract.

RSA 202-A:4-c: (Trustees Authority to Accept and Expend Gifts) Catherine will talk to the Trustees Association about working to change the statute to replace "notice of the time, place and subject of the hearing shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the relevant municipality at least seven (7) days before the hearing" with "notice of time, place and subject of the hearing shall be posted in two public places within the town at least seven (7) days before the hearing."


State Library Report: from Ann Hoey's written report:

NELA Representative's Report: from Lesley Gaudreau's written report:

"Slate of Officers
VP/President Elect: Susan Raskin Abrams, Supervisor of Children's Services, Newton MA
Treasurer: Tina Mann, Library Director, Monmouth ME
Camille Moore-Close, Reference Librarian (Academic), Willimantic CT
Director: Su Epstein, Head of Technical Services, West Haven CT
Mary Peverada, Head of Children's Services, Portland ME
Ballots will be arriving via mail and statements and bios of the candidates will be available in the newsletter and on the Web site within the next 2 weeks.

NELA Conference 2005
October 16-18, DCU Center (formerly Centrum), Worcester MA. The conference theme is "Make the Connection". Barnes and Noble will be the conference bookseller. There will be a couple of wireless hotspots for those with laptops with wireless capability. The conference brochure is available on the Web site at http://www.nelib.org/conference/index.htm. On that same site you will also find information about Conference Grants; NELA awards 6 grants to members who have never attended a NELA conference before. The grant application needs to be sent in with the registration form. The 2006 NELA conference will be 10/22-24, 2006 in Burlington VT.

Grants for Educational Programs at Conferences
Neal-Schuman Publishing has recently started offering grants to ALA Chapters to support programs presented at conferences. These grants range from $250.00 - $1000.00. I have written to the contact person to request more information and application forms and will pass the information along to the conference committee, continuing education chair, sections and board members when it arrives.

NELLS is scheduled for July 25 - 29, 2005 at the Canonicus Camp & Conference Center in Exeter, RI. On Wed., representatives from each state association will join participants for lunch in order to introduce the state associations and offer information about how participants can become involved at the state level.

NELA will now offer 2 print newsletters per year and will have monthly on-line newsletters in addition. Reminders will be sent via e-mail to the NELA members' e-mail list when the online newsletter is available.

Educational Assistance Committee
Sherry Evans, Public Services Librarian at Portsmouth Public Library has been appointed to the NELA Educational Assistance Committee.

Volunteers Needed
Academics Section: Looking for chair or co-chairs. Support Staff (NELSSA): Looking for members.

Next NELA Executive Board Meeting:
The board meets on 9/16/05.

For more information or questions about NELA, please contact Lesley Gaudreau, NHLA representative to NELA, at 772-4346 or nh@nelib.org."

Urbans: from Sue McCann's written report:

"The Urban Libraries met June 24, 2005 at Portsmouth Public Library. The monthly topic was RFID Technology. Mary Ann List, Portsmouth's Director, gave a presentation on the technology and provided provide 2 handouts RFID Quick Facts and Bibliography and Sources for Further Information.

The next meeting is September 23, 2005 at the Merrimack Public Library. The topic is Dynamic Reference."

Scholarship Committee: from Mary Ann List's written report:

"The Scholarship Committee has voted to grant the following Rosalie Norris scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each:

  • Diane Lynch will graduate with an MLS from URI at the end of this summer. She lives in Somersworth and is employed at the Dover Public Library. In her statement of professional goals, Diane says that she intends to use the knowledge gained in her studies in a public library setting where she will be able to “address the many challenges facing modern public libraries.” She expresses special interest in literacy, both in a traditional sense and in technology.
  • Makiia Lucier is enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Information Studies Distance Education Program with an expected graduation date of December 2006. Makiia lives in Hudson. Her library experience was as a library assistant at the Eugene (OR) Public Library. She states, “I greatly admire a profession that promotes, with enthusiasm, the use of literature to provoke thought, further discussion and expand possibilities.”
  • Raymond Marcotte is enrolled in URI's Regional Program. He plans to continue to work as a library assistant at Dartmouth College and expects to graduate in May 2008. Raymond lives in Lebanon. His professional goal is to become a reference librarian in an academic institution.

Diane Lynch has also applied for and will be granted an F. Mabel Winchell loan in the amount of $1,000. The loan is interest-free and must be repaid within 5 years.

Scholarship Committee members: John Barrett, Tom Ladd, Mary Ann List, Rob Sargent and Andrea Thorpe."

Advocacy: Beth is looking for new members for her committee (currently consists of Beth, Andrea, and Lesley). She's created a website and asked us to link to it from the NHLA web page. The goal of the committee is to produce an advocacy handbook, to create statewide promotional materials promoting New Hampshire libraries, and to serve as a resource for advocacy information.

Intellectual Freedom: is looking for Internet Use policies. Please send policies to Mary Ahlgren. World Almanac is giving away "Libraries Matter" wristbands and giving money to the Freedom to Read Foundation.

ALA Councilor Report: from Diane's written report:

"Report for 2005 Annual Conference
Chicago, IL, June 24-29, 2005

ALA Annual Meeting was held in Chicago, IL. From my perspective, Chicago was a great city for the conference. My hotel was great, the restaurants were wonderful, and the programs were stimulating. As far as attendance was concerned, it was a record-breaking conference. As of Monday, June 28, 2005 total estimated registration for the 2005 Annual Conference in Chicago was 27,800 with 21,069 attendees and 6,731 exhibitors. Chicago registration exceeded the previous conference record in San Francisco by 1,000. Total registration for the 2004 Annual Conference in Orlando was 19,575 with 13,836 attendees and 5,739 exhibitors. This successful attendance record created its own set of problems. Registration was crowded, time-consuming and confusing-especially Monday when the line stretched down the halls. There has been much discussion of this on the ALA Councilor discussion list. Still, it was gratifying to see such great attendance at the Conference.

Membership was a strong theme at the Conference. Two membership meetings were held and due to new rules for establishing a quorum, the meetings met the quorum and were substantive. Three resolutions were adopted and forwarded to Council for approval. Council adopted 1.) A resolution urging divisions to decrease dues for retired members; and 2. ) A resolution on the connection between the Iraq war and libraries. Council initially returned the resolution on equal access to resources in non-roman alphabets in libraries to be re-worked at the second membership meeting. Council defeated the same resolution when it was considered a second time. In addition, there were three new member benefits and services implemented by the ALA Membership Committee. In the coming fiscal year, ALA members will be able to pay dues in two installments with a modest fee. A free e-newsletter providing regular updates on library-related stories that appear in print and electronic media will launch in the fall. A travel / tour affinity program, through Collette Vacations, allows ALA members to book personal vacation travel with a royalty going to the Cultural Communities Fund (CCF) endowment.

In other membership-related actions, based on a member survey with 4,667 responses (7% of membership), the following recommendations about Midwinter Meetings were made by the ALA Conference Committee:
· continue rotating throughout U.S., including "cold climate cities"
· create flexible attendance for those not involved in governance or committee work
· add discussion groups on "hot topics," but reserve formal programs for Annual Conference
· encourage committees to work virtually prior to Midwinter Meeting to make face-to-face time more productive
· make exhibits and exhibit attendance more important
· schedule fewer overlapping sessions on the same subject matter
· improve member access to event planner and program booklet prior to Midwinter meeting
· increase orientation, networking and social activities.

In cooperation with the other major library associations, ALA established the Library Disaster Relief Fund, a joint 501 (c) (3) organization, to help rebuild the libraries damaged or destroyed by the tsunami in December 2004. The Fund will continue to provide quick response to future disasters affecting libraries.

ALA has completed purchase of property to relocate the Washington Office. An opening gala is planned for fall 2005. Council approved the FY2006 ALA Budgetary Ceiling of $51,669.186.

Some of the actions at the 2005 Annual Conference included the following.

Resolutions passed:

· Resolution on Threats to Library Materials Related to Sex, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation
· Resolution on Disinformation, Media Manipulation, and the Destruction of Public Information
· Resolution in Support of Immigrants' Rights to Free Public Library Access
· Resolution on the USA PATRIOT Act and Libraries
· Resolution on the Right of Communities to Provide Broadband Internet Services
· Resolution that ALA urges the President of the United States to declare National Deaf History Month, to be held annually March 13 - April 15.
· Resolution that "Libraries should encourage discussion among library workers, including library administrators of non-confidential professional and policy matters about the operation of the library and matters of public concern within the framework of applicable laws.

In addition, Council:
· adopted the ALA: Ahead to 2010 strategic plan with additions related to standards, government information, and state chapters.
· established a new standing committee on Scholarships and Study Grants
· approved that four previously approved actions be included in the policy
· Approved a set of recommendations from the Task Force on Library School Closings.
· Adopted a new policy on Inclusiveness and Mutual Respect moved by the ALA Human Resources Advisory Committee and the Library Support Staff Interest Round Table.

The ALA-APA Council approved guiding principles for certification programs, along with appeal processes for providers and applicants.

In conclusion, it was a productive annual conference. There were great speakers, including Barack Obama and Henry Winkler, excellent programs, outstanding exhibitors, and record-breaking attendance. Chicago's wonderful restaurants vied with the "Taste of Chicago" providing choices for everyone. While I worried about the distance between the convention center and the hotels, it all worked out well. The flight home was a little problematic with weather delays but that was a minor problem, and the Manchester airport is always easy and convenient. So, ALA Annual Conference 2005 was definitely a success."

Drexel dinner: Drexel staff told her that have several people from N.H. enrolled. She is waiting to hear an exact number.

Marilyn went to a preconference on membership at ALA. She asked that NHLA reimburse her the $70 it cost to attend. She'll have a full report at the next meeting. Heather made a motion to that effect: Jennifer seconded the motion which passed unimously.

Next meeting will be a retreat to discuss the future direction of NHLA on August 16 from 10-2.

Adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Bone, Secretary