NHLA Executive Board Minutes, June 21, 2005

Location: Local Government Center, Concord, NH

Present: Catherine Redden, Heather Shumway, Lesley Gaudreau, Mary Ahlgren, Gail Drucker, Diane Tebbetts, Mary Ann List, Carl Heidenblad, Doris Mitton, Steve Butzel, Debbie Ross, Ann Hoey, Ann Fabrizio, Rob Sargent, Andrea Thorpe, Marilyn Borgendale, and Jennifer Bone

The meeting was called to order by President Catherine Redden at 2:00 p.m.

Minutes: Minutes of the April 2005 meeting were approved as written.

President's Report: Catherine reported that she had authorized payment for the bulk mailing permit. There was discussion about whether the bulk mailing permit was still being used and what the average cost of a bulk mailing is. Lesley mentioned that it is used for the call to meeting for the annual meeting at the Fall conference. Consensus was that we should see how much it costs to do the fall mailing and see if more money needs to be added to the account.

Treasurer's Report: Carl's report showed total assets of $106,027.49. Mary Ahlgren suggested that Carl purchase a stamp with his signature on it, and Catherine directed him to do so.


Board job descriptions: are now on the website. There was discussion about creating a timeline for when things need to be done.

Budget: the Board discussed and approved budget figures for the 2005-06 year. It was noted that next time it would be useful to have the past 2 years figures when preparing the budget and that a line for NELLS should be added.

Spring Conference n/a
Fall Conference 3500.00
Membership Dues 16,000.00
Interest Income 500.00
Donations 100.00
Total Income 20,100.00
Accounting 4,000.00
ALA 600.00
Fall Conference 3500.00
Insurance 500.00
Legislative Activities 3600.00
Miscellaneous Expenses 300.00
Postage 800.00
Printing & Stationery 600.00
Professional Fees & Dues 200.00
Spring Conference Expenses 1000.00
Supplies 500.00
Travel & Conference 3500.00
Newsletter 1000.00
Total Expenses 20,100.00


Fall Conference: will be held in North Conway on November 3. The NH Center for the Book will be presenting a program on one-community-one-book projects moderated by Mary Russell, & the NH Humanities Council will be doing a presentation on the programs and grants they offer to libraries in the state.

PLA: coupons for discounted registration rates will be coming in the middle of July and will be sent to members in the fall.


Scholarship Committee: Mary Ann reported that the Scholarship Committee had lost a check and needs $25 to cover the cost of stopping the check. Andrea moved that we authorize the Scholarship Committee to cover the cost as they see fit. Mary seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

The Scholarship Committee asked for the authority to expend more of the available scholarship money this year if there are deserving applicants. Consensus of the Board was that the Committee be granted that authority.

Leadership Symposium (NELLS): will be held on Wednesday, July 27. Catherine will attend to promote NHLA and will ask Beth Strauss if she is also able to attend.

LGC - Fall Conference: The Local Government Center Fall Conference will be held Nov. 16-18 at the Center of N.H. in Manchester. There was discussion about whether we wanted to do a presentation or have a booth in their exhibits. Consensus was that we did not want to do a presentation but would like to have a booth. Catherine will check to see if booths are available and send a message to the listserve asking for help.


CHILIS: gave out $2500 in summer reading programming mini-grants. The CHILIS board decided that they will give out grants for the 2006-07 school year for children's programming. They are also giving away up to $3000 in scholarship money for someone currently in library school.


ALA Councilor's Report: ALA begins this week in Chicago and Diane will have a full report on her return.

Conference: Debbie Ross reported that the conference will net about $13,445.00. The conference committee is requesting that they be allowed to keep a portion of that profit as seed money for 2007 in case the conference is held at the Mt. Washington Hotel and to attract bigger name speakers. Catherine suggested that we split the profits now and provide extra seed money closer to the conference date if it is needed. Heather asked that extra money be offered as scholarships for NHLA members to attend conferences. Carl suggested we revisit this when we have a better idea of what the deposit at the Mt. Washington would be, and Lesley added that we need to know the timeline for the conference committee to book speakers. Consensus was that we should revisit the issue in July and that it would be helpful to have a timeline of when money is needed and for what purposes.

State Library Report: from Anne Hoey's written report:

Continuing Ed: The Continuing Education Committee awarded a mini-money grant of $200 to Steve Biggiano to attend the NELLS symposium

NHAIS: WebJunction is up and running, though the course sign-ups portion still has problems. Michael York proposed the idea of the NH Center for Digital Content. A committee is being formed and will probably first meet in the fall. Another committee, to begin planning for the "next generation" statewide catalog/ILL system will also be formed soon. If interested in serving on either committee, let Jennifer Bone or Michael York know.

Next meeting will be on July 19 at 2:00 at the Local Government Center in Concord.

Meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Bone, Secretary