NHLA Executive Board Minutes, April 19, 2005

Location: Local Government Center, Concord, NH

Present: Catherine Redden, Gail Drucker, Carl Heidenblad, Rob Sargent, Pat Palmer, Diane Tebbetts, Heather Shumway, Andrea Thorpe, Mary Ahlgren, Anne Hoey, and Jennifer Bone

The meeting was called to order by President Catherine Redden at 2:07 p.m.

Minutes: The minutes of the March 2005 meeting were approved after correcting the paragraph about the library bear.

President's Report: Catherine reported that the audit has been ongoing. NHLA's insurance endorsement has been changed to increase our liability protection.

Treasurer's Report: Carl will meet with Jan from better bookkeeping in May to talk about reports. The auditor would like us to change some terminology in our accounting. Consensus was it is fine to do so. Carl has been sending copies of the bank statements to section treasurers. Kudos to Carl for his diligence.




Emerson Greenaway Award- nominations are due by May 31, 2005. There is more information on the NELA website at www.nelib.org/greenaway/index.htm

WebJunctionNH - some time in June, there will be a WebJunction NH presence. Tom Ladd will be looking for volunteers to help with data gathering, editing, etc. Please let him know if you're interested in volunteering.


READS - Recently had 3 very successful round table discussions on Interlibrary Loan. 95 people attended. Last Friday, the program Committee met and generated a list of the "best of the best" ILL suggestions. These will be posted on the website soon. READS will present an award for the ILL Librarian of the Year at their fall conference. They will be doing a program on volunteers at the NH Libraries Conference on Friday afternoon.

CHILIS - CHILIS is offering 3 $1000 scholarships for MLS candidates who are CHILIS members and who will be pursuing children's services. At the conference, they plan to purchase 2 or 3 die-cutting machines and an assortment of dies which will be placed in libraries in different parts of the state. Treasure Reading (pirates) will be the 2006 Summer Reading Program theme. The artist will be Tracey Dahl Carrier.


ALA Councilor's Report: Diane looking forward to annual conference in Chicago. There will be an ALA table at NH libraries conference. If you are willing to help at the table, please let Diane know.

Continuing Ed: Two more mini-money grants have been awarded, one to Janice Brehio from the Richards Free Library for a State Library course and one to Mary Cronin for a Microsoft Access class.

Intellectual Freedom: Mary reported that there has been one challenge this year, a Francesca Lia Block book. Mary will be on a panel on privacy and policy at the Trustees Association meeting in May.

Pay Equity: Heather noted that the Pay Equity group will also be presenting at the Trustees Association meeting. Mary attended a co-op meeting recently to talk about the pay equity group's report.

Advocacy: The OCLC website has information about advocacy. Posters and other promotional materials are available.

NHAIS Representative: Pat reported that her term is up, and she does not want to serve again. Cathy will look for a replacement.

Ann Geisel Award: nominations should be submitted to Andrea. Jennifer will post past award winners on the website.

Ways and Means: still in need of a chair.


Meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Bone, Secretary