NHLA Executive Board Minutes, March 15, 2005

Location: Local Government Center, Concord, NH

Present: Catherine Redden, Sue McCann, Rob Sargent, Gail Drucker, Diane Tebbetts, Lesley Gaudreau, Mary Ahlgren, Doris Mitton, Randy Brough, Heather Shumway, Marilyn Borgendale, and Jennifer Bone

The meeting was called to order by President Catherine Redden at 2:00 p.m.

Minutes: The minutes of the February 2005 meeting were approved as written.

President's Report:

Treasurer's Report: Carl was unable to attend, but sent his report, which shows that NHLA's total assets are $91,974.77 as of February 28, 2005. Lesley noted that there is only $93.25 in the Geisel Fund and wondered if we should put a notice in the newsletter asking for donations.


Conference Policy: The Conference committee adopted the following policy on January 28, 2005:

"If finances permit, New Hamphsire Conference Committee members who actively serve on the committee shall receive complimentary meals, conference attendance and one or two nights stay as needed to carry out their conference commmitments. Those members who arrive the night before to carry out various duties shall receive two paid nights stay. The following members are expected to arrive the night before the conference starts: both co-chairs, Registrar, Exhibits, Childrens' Book Review, AV/Room-Setups, NHLA President and NHEMA President."

Catherine wondered who sets the policy for various commitees. Lesley said usually it has been done by the committees themselves. Catherine suggested that the Conference policy be further spelled out and publicized, which might help when trying to recruit new members for the conference Committee. Randy pointed out that there may be some years when finances don't permit these "perks".


Insurance- we pay $500/year for insurance for replacing records, claims expenses, debris removal, employee dishonesty, theft, (conference) catastrophic events, and automobile liability if on NHLA business. There was a question about whether liability for Board members for errors and omissions was covered. Catherine will call and find out.

Library Bear- Lesley brought back the bear along with a book that her library had created showing the bear at different programs in the library and including notes from visitors to her library. The library bear, named Dewey by the Stratham Library, will now go to the Franklin Public Library.

Fall Conference- Doris reported that she is looking at North Conway (the Green Granite Hotel) as the site for the November 3 program, still in the planning stages.


CHILIS: Gail brought a sample Summer Reading Program poster and t-shirt along with other materials. The CHILIS board hopes to discuss at their next board meeting how to become self-sustaining so they won't need to continue to do fundraising.

READS: The programming calendar for the year has been established.

Roundtable Discussions pertaining to a hot topic, to be held annually during the last week of March. Roundtable discussions will offer an opportunity to discuss a topic that is relevant to what is going on in our libraries. We will rotate between library disciplines that READS supports, i.e., Circulation, Technical Services, Reference, and Interlibrary Loan. Roundtable discussions will have a facilitator and attendees whould come prepared to discuss the topic at hand. The idea behind the discussions is to share what the front lines are experiencing and to share ideas.

Beginning in 2005, a READS award will be presented at our fall program that is linked to the discipline focused upon at the roundtable discussions.

READS Program at NHLA. READS will continue to present a program at the NHLC conference in May of each year.

READS Fall Program. The first Friday of October the READS Programming Committee will present a program on a particular topic of interest. The READS award will be presented at the Fall program.

The READS board has decided that the past president will stay on the board to provide continuity.


ALA Councilor: Diane reported that there has been a lot of discussion on the ALA councilor list. The Salinas Public Library closure has been halted. There has been much discussion about library blogs. Members should receive a postcard telling them about voting electronically.

NELA Representative's Report: From Lesley's written report:

"NELA Conference 2005
October 16-18, DCU Center (formerly Centrum), Worcester, MA. The conference theme is "Make the Connection." The Sunday Banquet speaker will be Julia Spencer-Fleming, author of In the Bleak Midwinter and the Tuesday lunch speaker is Stewart O'Nan, author of The Good Wife. As speakers and programs are determined, they are posted at http://www.nelib.org/conference/index.htm.

4 applications were submitted for NH candidates and I have pulled together a committee to review and make a recommendation to the NHLA executive board. I would like to request that the board review our recommendations and make a decision via e-mail since the decision needs to be delivered to the NELLS committee before the next NHLA board meeting. (NELLS is scheduled for July 25-29, 2005 at the Canonicus Camp and Conference Center in Exeter, RI).

NERTCL Stand Alone Program
America: One Land, Many Voices" a one-day workshop about diversity in Children's Literature is scheduled for April 1 at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center in Mashantucket, CT (Foxwoods). Cost for registration is $45 (member)/$55 (nonmember). Registration form, schedule and more info available at http://www.nelib.org/nertcl/conference.htm.

New Membership Chair
Matt Hall, Library Director at Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson, CT.

Next NELA Executive Board Meeting:
The board meets on 3/18/05 and will meet again on May 20."

Membership: Marilyn reported that registrations are still coming in. Orient Express will be on Thursday, May 12 from 8-9 a.m. Marilyn encouraged board members to attend.

Continuing Ed: Amy Lamanuzzi was approved to attend one of the State Library courses.

Pay Equity: Heather has been invited to speak at the Trustees Association annual meeting about the work the committee has done.

State Library Report: From Ann Hoey's written report:

"New NHSL e-mail addresses: in the coming months, NHSL staff are scheduled to get new e-mail addresses. If you see messages beginning to come from (fill in name here)@dcr.nh.gov they should be legitimate! By the way, -dcr is for Department of Cultural Resources.

The State Library now has two Every Child Read to Read @ Your Library kits available for lending. This is an early literacy program developed by the Public Library Association and it is targeted to parents and caregivers of young children. The kits include various materials that can be used to do workshops about the importance of reaading to children at different age levels. For more information about the program, visit the PLA website at http://www.pla.org/ala/pla/plaissues/earlylit/earlyliteracy.htm

Kids, Books and the Arts 2005 library grant applications will go out to all public libraries in mid-March. They are also available online at http://www.state.nh.us/nhsl/KBA05librarygrantappl.doc Libraries can apply for grants to bring performers to their libraries for summer 2005. These musicians, puppeteers, and storytellers will be featured at the showcase at the CHILIS conference. All of them have prepared programs that relate to the summer reading 2005 theme of Camp Wannaread.

NHSL Orientation is scheduled for 02 May. Registration for this three-hour opportunity to learn about NHSL services to you and your library will be open soon on the website http://www.nh.go/nhsl/libed/modules.html

Spring Modular courses and State Library workshop have been announced. Course details and registration form will be on the website very shortly: http://www.nh.gov/nhsl/libed/modules.html

"WebJunction New Hampshire" is coming by mid-year.The NHSL is pleased to announce that planning has begun with WebJunction (http://webjunction.org) for the New Hampshire affiliate. If you haven't checked out WebJunction, the national online library community, please do so. Registration is free. Check out some other state affiliates (via the dropdown box in the upper right hand corner at WebJunction) for some examples of what we are working toward. Got ideas or suggestions for the NH version? Please contact Tom Ladd at the State Library."

NHAIS Representative: From Pat Palmer's written report:

"NHAIS Annual Meeting
Thursday, March 10, 2005
Highlander Inn, Manchester, NH

Michael York welcomed everyone to the 23rd annual NHAIS Meeting stating that NHAIS Services are right on track for what New Hampshire libraries want and need. Over the past years, it's been a partnership of co-operation at the local level and the influence at the State level that have made these accomplishments happen. It's now time to start thinking about the next generation of library system for the State Library.

NHAIS SERVICES: Mary Russell reported that there are now 424 libraries participating in NHAIS. All are adding holdings to NHU-PAC and taking MARC records. There are currently 272 active ILL libraries with an increase in participation from colleges and high schools. Over the last 13 months, there were 127,927 ILL requests through the State system with a 60% fill rate. An ILL survey has been sent to 272 libraries asking for information on local ILL usage and fill rate.

NHU-PAC had 68,531 new OCLC records added in 2004. As of March 9th, there were 1,579,388 bibliographic records with 4,553,255 items. After the recent de-duping project (6,082 duplicates were removed), there is now 1 item per record per library. This de-duping project is planned to become a monthly routine.

Two database projects continue within NHAIS Services:

  • The "Original Cataloguing" pilot project has been going on since June 2004. Thirty-three libraries with pending items for cataloging have been involved, adding 166 new titles into NHU-PAC. Soon this service will be available to all NHAIS libraries that do interlibrary loan.
  • The "Reloading of Library Holdings Into NHU-PAC" project has turned out to be more complicated and time consuming than first thought. Forty-nine libraries have requested this service with nine libraries loaded so far, but requiring some follow-up work. David Harris has been reviewing all the records loaded that show up as quirky. Once the reload has been done, each library must maintain their holdings in NHU-PAC, which includes removing withdrawn items. Manchester West Side Community Library is the only completed library up to this point.

ELECTRONIC RESOURCES: Diana Degen reported that training was held from September through December on using the state-wide offered databases and Internet Searching and Gates Workshops which focused on using PC's and networks. More of these training sessions will be offered during the next three years. As part of the Gates grant, the State Library wil be hiring a Technology Consultant to go out to libraries around the state to help with technology. This position has come about due to the good response and feedback from the computer workshops.

GUEST SPEAKER: Arnold Hirshon, Executive Director of NELINET spoke about the Technology Landscape for the next 5 years. He gave a visually dynamic, interesting, and informative talk not just about Automated Library Systems of the future but also discussed the outer reaches of technology trends. He will send his presentation to Michael York to be posted on the NHAIS listserv. Unti it is available, here is a summary of his remarks.

It's difficult to foresee the future with so much technology and not enough time to plan. Predictions are not as important as knowing what to do in resonse to changing technology.

COMPUTER ENVIRONMENTS will be exponentially faster and storage more intensive than we have now.


  • Converging technologies of telecommmunications with voice over IP over the Internet.
  • Better power supplies will become available with micro fuel cells able to run laptops for days.
  • Expanded capabilties of 3-D communication and videoconferencing will give rise to headgear to visualize collaborative work.
  • Multifunctional portals with high bandwidth will allow for WiFi to expand into WiMAX (city-wide coverage)
  • Embedded technology & connectivity will be used for user authentication. This new nanotechnology will spawn new concerns about privacy, security and ethical use of information.
  • Security and privacy will present new opportunities and challenges with SPAM, SPIM (unsolicited instant messages) and e-viruses that can hit anything wireless.
  • Digital retrieval will expand to more voice access and display, which will be a noise issue.
  • New and better image display technology will evolve with plastic transistors and e-ink (electronic ink)
  • Digital content will change how it is organized and managed. It will become simpler, more customized, and with more powerful search tools.
  • Google has 3 major challenges to face: competition, switching costs and its page orientation.

FUTURE OF INTEGRATED LIBRARY SYSTEMS: There will be problems with its print-based paradigm and focus on traditional content and workflow. The current ILS's don't handle journals, the Internet or streaming video very well. The alternative will be to "mix and match" the best of different systems rather than a single integrated system. There will be an increasing reliance upon centrally hosted systems and a moving away from buying everything from one vendor.


  • Technology should enable effective service and content (e.g. Cyber Cafes with bandwidth and outlets)
  • Design for flexibility not a specific technology.
  • Design for mobility using technology to allow staff to serve users both onsite and off.
  • Develop a multi-year technology planning cycle. Envision possible scenarios of how library service may change. Specific scenarios are less critical than developing services.


  • User behavior is changing from less individual to more collaborative.
  • Library catalog disappears.
  • Metadata and full media information integrated into a seamless search
  • Library is digital repository of free and fee-based materials.
  • Library's digitized items sold globally via Google
  • RFID provides up to date information and full inventory control


Jennifer Bone was elected new Chairman of the NHAIS board.

September 15th will be NH Librarians Day in Washington. If interested in going, email Darlene Reinhard at the State Library. Cost is $139 for the day.

A major budget item has been submitted to the Legislature for a renovation and addition to the State Library. It's a $15 million project that hopefully will stay in the budget. Lavalle/Brensinger Architects of Manchester have done some planning drawings which are available for viewing at the State Library.

Next meeting of the NHAIS board will be on June 16th at the Keene Public Library."


The meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Bone, Secretary