NHLA Executive Board Minutes, February 15, 2005

Location: Local Government Center, Concord, NH

Present: Catherine Redden, Diane Tebbets, Carl Heidenblad, Marilyn Borgendale, Randy Brough, Rob Sargent, Deb Ross, Sue McCann, Mary Ahlgren, Andrea Thorpe, Gail Drucker, and Jennifer Bone

The meeting was called to order by President Catherine Redden at 2:00 p.m.

Minutes: The minutes of the January 2005 meeting were approved as written.

President's Report:


  • ALA grassroots advocacy letter. They want a name for a N.H. contact by March 15. Randy will talk with Beth, but volunteered to be the N.H. contact.
  • PLA and the NHLA agreement which spells out details of PLA member rate for registering at 2006 PLA meeting. PLA will send coupons to NHLA to distribute to members. Andrea will remain the contact person.
  • NELLS sent a letter saying they are extending the application deadline until March 1.

Treasurer's Report: all material has been submitted to Laura Nanof of Plodzik and Sanderson for the audit. Carl presented a sample budget/expenses to date report. Catherine suggested that a percentage column be added to this. Balance in NHLA accounts is $89,349.88. Sue McCann asked that balance sheets for sections also be printed out each month, and Mary suggested that this information be forwarded each month to the section treasurers.


Fall Conference: Rob has offered to help Doris with the fall conference.

NHEMA Support statement has been sent.


Municipal retirement concerns: Randy said that the lobbyist is monitoring the health benefits situation.



CHILIS: CHILIS is finishing up summer reading program materials order processing. They have oversold the backpacks. The treasurer is on leave, so Gail is handling the CHILIS treasury. There was discussion about the benefits of NHLA membership for CHILIS members. Board members mentioned non-profit status, membership in ALA, bonding of the NHLA treasurer, scholarship and continuing education funding, infrastructure support, & etc.

Friday is the deadline for ordering summer reading program materials. This year forms had to be returned for libraries to receive a free poster and summer reading program manual, and a reminder form was sent this week. Previously, a free poster and summer reading program manual were sent to every library in the state.

ALA Councilor's Report: from Diane Tebbett's written report:

"Report for 2005 Midwinter
Boston , MA Jan. 14-19, 2005

ALA Midwinter Meeting this year was nearby in Boston. It was a great site. Although many were worried about the cold, wintry weather it was very convenient with connecting walkways and nearby locations. Of course, it may have been more inconvenient for some going to the programs in more distant hotels. A few got caught in the snowstorm later in the week, but most had left Boston by then. There was great attendance with 13,232 total attendees compared to 10,788 in San Diego . Council elected Francis J. Buckley, Jr., June A. Pinnell-Stephens, and Patricia H. Smith to three-year terms on the ALA Executive Board, and Terri G. Kirk was elected to finish the unexpired term of ALA President-Elect Michael Gorman. Council also approved honorary memberships for Dr. Lotsee F. Patterson and Nettie B. Taylor. These will be conferred at the 2005 Annual Conference Opening General Session in Chicago . There were several memorial resolutions including a fund in Gordon Conable's name established by the Freedom to Read Foundation, for which he served as President for several years. Also, there was a tribute resolution for ALCTS (Association for Library Collections and Technical Services.

Council listened to reports from President Carol Brey-Casiano, Treasurer Teri R. Switzer, Keith Feils, the Executive Director, and Rick Schwieterman, Senior Endowment Trustee, who presented the Endowment Trustees Performance Report. Electronic voting will be continued this year. Last year—the first year of electronic voting—saw an increase in votes cast. We certainly hope that trend continues. The 2005 ballot will be compliant with accessibility standards for people with visual impairments. All paid ALA members as of January 31, 2005 will be eligible to vote. Again, those preferring a paper ballot will be able to request one. ALA/APA is still in “start-up” mode and the treasurer is reporting a negative amount of $199,764 net revenue. There are plans to review the ALA/APA business plan. Overall, ALA ended FY2004 within budget and the auditors reported no material weaknesses. ALA has a total membership of 64,099 an increase of 1,484 members with a retention rate of 86.49%, which is extremely high compared to the retention rate of other professional associations. ALA 's website is being improved with the Google search engine and a new Continuing Education Clearinghouse.

Council actions included approving Bylaws amendments to reduce the quorum for membership meetings to seventy-five voting members and reducing the number of nominees for At-Large Council positions to one-and-one-half times the number of vacancies. These changes will now go to the full membership for a vote. Council also approved some committee changes including transferring the ALA Pay Equity Committee to the ALA/APA Committee on Salaries and Status of Library Workers and dissolving the ALA Pay Equity Committee; and changing the name and composition of the Rural, Tribal and Native Libraries to the Standing Committee on Rural School , Tribal, Native and Public Libraries. Council referred to the Library Administration and Management Association a recommendation from the Policy Monitoring Committee to remove Policy 54.6 (Fair Employment Practices in Libraries and Among Suppliers to Libraries). Council approved the ALA Resolution on Health Care, which recognizes the importance of comprehensive health care for all Americans and its impact on libraries and their users and directs ALA to join The Universal Health Care Action Network. Council also adopted three revised policies to be included in the seventh edition of the Intellectual Freedom Manual : 1.Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks, 2.Access to Resources and Services in the School Library Media Program, and 3.Labels and Rating Systems; and two resolutions concerning access to government information: 1.Resolution Opposing GPO's Decision to Eliminate Print Distribution of Important Government Information and 2.Resolution on Access to National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Publications. Council passed a resolution on the No Child Left Behind Act directing that ALA communicate the important relationship between quality school library media programs and student achievement to the United States Congress, members of relevant committees, the President and First Lady. The resolution also directs ALA to lobby for inclusion of school library standards of quality and expanded equitable funding in the revised No Child Left Behind legislation.

Council adopted a resolution opposing the closure of the Salinas, California library system; a resolution on privacy and standardized driver's licenses and identification cards; a resolution on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and privacy, which endorses the Book Industry Study Group's Policy Statement; a resolution on rebuilding libraries and archives damaged or destroyed by the Tsunami, and a resolution in support of the “Stop Before You Click” campaign initiated by a coalition of organizations opposing UCITA. Council postponed consideration of a resolution amending Policy 54 concerning workplace speech.

Finally, Council approved FY06 programmatic priorities for ALA to include: diversity, education and continuous learning, equity of access, intellectual freedom, and 21 st Century literacy.

In conclusion, Midwinter 2005 was a great conference: terrific site (especially for New Englanders), productive Council sessions, good attendance, very well-attended exhibits, and exciting programs. Now, it's on to Chicago ! "

Diane highlighted the GPO issue and the closing of the Salinas California libraries.

NELA Representative's Report: from Lesley Gaudreau's written report:

"PLA Boston 2006
PLA will have one space set aside at the conference for a small display of membership materials for NELA and the state associations, probably in the registration area of the conference. When we have more details I will coordinate with Marilyn regarding NHLA information.

NELA Conference 2005
October 16-18, DCU Center (formerly Centrum), Worcester MA . The conference theme is “Make the Connection” There was a brief discussion about conference locations and attendance at the NELA board meeting and some concern about the low attendance at Manchester the last two times it was held here.

NELA Membership Chair Needed
The chair of the membership committee position has been open for quite a while and this is a very important position to the goals of the organization. If you might be interested, or have a suggestion of someone who would like to take this on, please let me know.

Only 2 Applications were submitted from NH even though we have a potential of 4 student slots. The NELLS committee is willing to “extend” the deadline for a few more days if we can find a couple more applicants – Now is the time to encourage someone! NELLS is scheduled for July 25 – 29, 2005 at the Canonicus Camp and Conference Center in Exeter , RI .

NERTCL Stand Alone Program
“America: One Land, Many Voices” a one-day workshop about diversity in Children's Literature is scheduled for April 1 at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center in Mashantucket, CT (Foxwoods). Cost for registration is $45 (member)/$55 (nonmember). Registration form, schedule and more info available at http://www.nelib.org/nertcl/conference.htm

NELA Skills Directory
NELA invites members to share their skills with other members in a new venture: the New England Library Association Skills Directory .  NELA is collecting the names and contact information of our own “experts” who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge with other NELA members. More information and a “skills questionnaire” is available at http://www.nelib.org/news.htm#skills .

NELA Newsletter
The next issue of the NELA newsletter will focus on RFID and other technologies in libraries. It should be distributed in early March.

Next NELA Executive Board Meeting:
The board met on 1/21/05 and will meet again in March."


Membership: from Marilyn Borgendale's written report:

"The membership mailing has been highly successful. For 2005, NHLA has 451
members. Of them, 43 are new; 61 have life memberships; 132 joined CHILIS;
122 joined READS; 66 expressed interest in a Small Libraries section; 24
joined the Academic section; and 9 libraries have renewed in URBANS."

Marilyn report that we have received $340 in donations from life members which goes into the scholarship fund.

Conference: Deb Ross passed out a copy of the policy passed at the last conference committee meeting about conference paid lodging and attendance. The conference committee asked that NHLA approve the application of the 2005 profits to the 2007 conference, since there will be no spring conference in 2006. She said that the committee is looking at hotels in the north country for 2007. Deb will bring conference balance information to the next board meeting. She showed the new conference logo "A Great State of Libraries."

There is a link to 2005 conference information from the NHLA website. Registration deadline is April 20, and registration materials and program information will be available on the conference website. The Conference Committee will be sending out postcards directing people to the website for registration information. Marilyn asked for some extra postcards to send out to new members.

The meeting adjourned at 3:09 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,Jennifer Bone, Secretary