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NHLA Election Results

Attention all NHLA members: These are your new officers!

Jenn Hosking, Nashua Public Library:

Mary White, The Howe Library, Hanover

Deann Hunter, Laconia Public Library
Assistant Treasurer

Congratulations and thank you, new officers! Thank you officers who have just completed terms. And thank you to all of the officers maintaining your current posts.

We love our NHLA volunteers!


We had a Geisel Winner this year! The Ann Geisel Award of Merit went to Susan Brown of Derry Public Library.

These are excerpts from her nomination letters:

She is one of the smartest and most professional librarians I’ve met in my 20+ years working in libraries. One of the reasons I so enjoy her is that she is shares my interest in mentoring and nurturing young people entering the library profession. She is skilled at recognizing other staff member’s strengths and supporting them.

She is perhaps the most professional individual I have ever met…I’ve never known anyone in any profession who prepares better. Put another way, Susan does her homework! Without her unparalleled mentorship and guidance, it would have been extremely challenging, if not impossible, for me to arrive where I have today.

 I hold Susan in the highest regard both personally and as a colleague. Her many professional achievements and contributions to the New Hampshire library community make her an ideal choice to receive this award.

 I am a better Librarian and person for knowing Susan and I am proud to support her nomination for the Ann Geisel Award of Merit.

Congratulations, Susan! And thank you to the colleagues who recognized her excellence.

2014 NHLA Ballot

And without further ado, the 2014 NHLA Ballot.

Please keep in mind that all ballots should be returned to Laconia Public Library before October 29, 2014. For further information regarding proposed bylaw changes, to be voted on at the Fall Business Meeting on November 7, please refer to our September 3 post.

Constitution and Bylaws for Proposed Paralibarian Section

Please review the following documents before casting your ballot:

NHLA Constitution and Bylaws without Paralibarian Section 
NHLA Constitution and Bylaws with Paralibrarian Section

  • Should the membership vote both to accept the Paralibrarian section and to amend the bylaws, then they will be voting to accept NHLAConstitutionBylawsParaL.pdf.
  • Should the membership vote to amend the bylaws, but not to accept the Paralibrarian section, then they will be voting to accept NHLAConstitutionBylawsNoParaL.pdf
  • Should the membership vote to accept the Paralibrarian section, but not to amend the bylaws, then the current constitution and bylaws will be amended under “Article 3, Section A, Section Representatives” to include a Paralibrarian section representative in the executive board
  • Should the membership vote neither to accept the Paralibrarian section, nor to amend the bylaws, then the organization will be governed by the current constitution and bylaws with no changes