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Accomplishments of NHLA in 2017

Posted by Marilyn Borgendale, Immediate Past President

NHLA is committed to networking, professional growth, and advocating for the future of New Hampshire Libraries.

For the Annual Membership Meeting on November 3, 2017, I summed up the NHLA accomplishments for the year.

  • #SaveIMLS and ALA’s Fight for Libraries—The Advocacy and Legislative Committees worked together to develop an NH advocacy plan and the membership took up the campaign.
  • On behalf of NHLA, the Executive Board submitted a comment for Net Neutrality.
  • Following a successful Spring Conference, NHLA has committed to a 2019 conference with the expectation of one in 2021. May 9-10, 2019 at Mill Falls in Meredith.
  • Adopted a tagline summarizing our mission and purpose. (see the header)
  • Secured places and support for eight NELLS (New England Library Leadership Symposium) participants.
  • Enacted policies to formalize our organization: Document Retention and Destruction, Conflict of Interest and Conference Cancellation.
  • Executive Board put measures in place for greater fiscal responsibility for the budget, continuing education and scholarship funds.
  • The officers began meeting every other month both for administrative discussions and as the new Finance Committee.
  • Shored up the committees, recruiting new people so that every committee has at least three members.
  • Implemented a joint ALA/NHLA student membership.
  • Recruited a social media coordinator to increase NHLA’s presence on Facebook. IFC is committed to a weekly posting and Advocacy and READS are making plans.
  • Recruited an archivist who has begun curating the NHLA archives.

These accomplishments are, of course, in addition to the great networking, professional growth and advocacy opportunities that CHILIS, READS, ParaLibrarians, ULAC, YALS, ITS and IFC have provided for NHLA members.

Congratulations! It was my pleasure to serve as your president.

To see ourselves as other see us: a conversation (at one remove) between trustees and directors

When I talked with George Needham at the recent Trustee Association Conference, I asked him if he was planning to share the words to trustees he had solicited at the NHLA Spring Conference. He said not only that, but that he would be asking the trustees to share as well. He wrote up the comments for us:

“In May 2017 I had the honor of speaking at both the New Hampshire Library Association (NHLA) and the New Hampshire Library Trustees Association (NHLTA) conferences.

My keynote at the NHLA conference on May 5th ran a little short. At the end of my remarks, I said that I’d be speaking at NHLTA later in the month, and was there anything that the public librarians would like to share with their trustees? The floodgates opened…” Read on.


Your committee can meet online

NHLA has purchased a subscription for GoToMeeting for Sections and Committees to use to host virtual meetings. This should facilitate participation from members all over the state. The software is fairly intuitive and the meetings may be recorded. The guidelines and instructions are posted in the Resources section. Contact Marilyn Borgendale, or 603.495.4286 for the password or assistance in getting started.

Welcome New Members at the Spring Conference

Libraries 2007

In the spirit of connecting New Hampshire libraries and librarians, please join the NHLA executive board in welcoming new members at the Orient Express, Thursday, May 17, 5:30-6:30.  If you are a new member, you will receive a complimentary beverage, along with some tips on getting the most from the conference.  Register now; see you there.