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Help Select Titles for the Flume Award List

If you would like to help choose the final ten titles for the next Flume Award list, please join us at the selection meeting on Tuesday, March 17 from 3:00 to 4:30 pm at Merrimack Public Library. We welcome those new to the Flume and anyone else interested in teen reading!

Please let Ann Hoey know if you can attend.

Flume Readers

If you are a teen librarian or someone who enjoys reading teen books, please consider becoming a “Flume reader.” “Flume readers” are those who are willing to read books on the nominated list of Flume Award titles and who are then willing to add comments about the books on the Flume wiki. The Flume selection committee uses feedback on the wiki to develop the final list of nominations. If you are interested in reading nominated books to help us select the final list, please visit the Flume wiki at, sign up to join the wiki, and then add your comments.

We are looking to develop the final list by March 17, so we need all comments by then. Thanks!

If you have any questions, contact:
Ann Hoey
Youth Services Coordinator, NH State Library

Seeking More Flume Nominations

We are looking for more nominations for the next Flume Award! Please encourage teens to submit their nominations of their favorite titles by Friday, January 30. Teens can enter their nominations using the online form link on the following page:

Thanks for supporting this NH award.
If you have questions, contact:.

Ann Hoey
Youth Services Coordinator
NH State Library

Join YALS!

Have you thought about joining YALS?  It’s very easy to do.  When you renew your NHLA membership, just check off the box next to YALS.  It only adds $5 to your overall cost.

Your $5 –

  • Gives you voting privileges for elections and other policy decisions.
  • Invites you to attend bimonthly meetings (no meeting in summer) to discuss issues in teen services, programming ideas, and new materials and network with other library staff serving teens.
  • Gives you discount registration fees for YALS conferences and workshops.
  • Gives you the opportunity to serve as YALS delegate to other library associations (NERTL, YALSA, NHSLMA).

Join us, we are a fun group. Connect and Engage!

Barb Ballou, Children’s Librarian
Whipple Free Library, New Boston
YALS President

Flume Nominations Due This Month!

Nominations will be accepted until January 23, 2015.

2016 Flume Award Nominations Now Being Accepted

It’s time to ask teens in grades 9-12 to consider nominating a title for the 2016 Flume Award list (even as they are now reading books on the 2015 list!).

Titles can be fiction or nonfiction books, with appeal to teens in grades 9-12. They must have a publication date within the last two years (no older than 2012). If the book is part of a series, it must be able to stand alone, meaning a reader doesn’t have to read the other books in the series to understand what’s going on.

Teens can submit their suggestions online by visiting the Flume page:

We will be accepting nominations until January 23, 2015.

Thank you for promoting the Flume Award!


Meeting Reminder

This Thursday, November 20, there’s a YALS meeting at Kimball Library in Atkinson.
Meeting starts at 10am, snacks at 9:30am.


Teen Summer Reading Evaluation

Remember to submit an evaluation for your Teen Summer Reading Program.

Here’s a quick link to the form:

Teen Summer Reading Program Evaluation Form

YALS: Looking for Board Nominations

This year we’re looking to fill two Board positions: Vice President / President-Elect and Treasurer.
Responsibilities for the two positions are as follows:

Vice President/President-Elect’s Duties:
1. Substitutes for the President in President’s absence.
2. Becomes Acting President upon death, resignation, or other incapacity of the President.
3. Presides upon request of President if President wishes to step down from the chair.
4. Serves as a member of the Administrative Committee, Executive Board and Finance Committee.
5. As Chair of the annual conference is in charge of Conference Planning Committee (responsible to the Executive Board).

Treasurer’s Duties:
1. Serves as a member of the Administrative Committee, Executive Board and chairs the Finance Committee.
2. Presents budget for approval by Executive Board at the first Executive Board meeting of the calendar year.
3. Presents financial reports Administrator at the annual business meeting / Fall Conference.
4. Submits accounts for annual audit to NHLA Treasurer.
5. Transfers funds from checking account to savings instruments in federally-approved agency on approval of Executive Board.
6. Treasurer should be prepared to discuss with the incoming Executive Board its fiscal responsibilities.
7. In the second year of each term, reviews Dues Schedule with Executive Board.
8. Collects YALS Conference registrations in years when a YALS Conference is held.

The Treasurer serves a two-year term.
The Vice President commits to serving one year as Vice President, one year as President, and one year as Past President.
The time goes quickly, and the positions are not particularly taxing, long descriptions notwithstanding.

We will vote at our Fall Meeting. If you have someone in mind, or are interested in the position yourself, please notify YALS Past President Kirsten Rundquist Corbett: or YALS President, Sylvie Brikiatis:

From: Kirsten Rundquist Corbett, YALS Past President, 2014

Laser Tag in the Library

Check out the newest program idea added to the “Teen Programs That Work” web page!
Submitted by Danny Arsenault: Head of Teen Services, George H. & Ella M. Rodgers Memorial Library (Hudson, NH)