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Ending 2016 With More RTG Kit Titles

This month we’ve added four new kits to the READS-TO-GO program:

Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart, hosted by Nesmith L., Windham

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware, hosted by Hooksett P. L.

The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman, hosted by Derry P. L.

The Wright Brothers by David McCullough, hosted by Rochester P. L.

Book these, or any of the more than 150 RTG kits, through NH KitKeeper.

–Diane Mayr

RTG NHKitKeeper Update


The KitKeeper online booking system is now up and running with 40 reservations recently placed. To learn more check the RTG blog.

If you have specific questions relative to your bookings and/or hosted kit, please contact the NH KitKeeper team, Brianna Hemmah, Martha Simmons, and Mat Bose by email, or by phone at the Hooksett Library (485-6092).

–Diane Mayr

NH KitKeeper Is Live!

Congratulations to Matt, Martha, and Brianna at Hooksett P.L. for getting this new service up and running! Please be aware that all bookings must be made by a NH public librarian–not an individual cardholder. Please direct any and all questions or comments to and check the READS-TO-GO site for additional information. Happy book-kit booking! –Diane Mayr

Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. IT’S ALIVE!
– Dr. Henry Frankenstein

We know it is a day late, but we couldn’t resist this classic Halloween reference…

The READS-To-Go KitKeeper service is officially live as of today, November 1, 2016!

Please visit: to browse READS-To-Go kits, place reservations, and manage the circulation of your kits.

If you are unfamiliar with the KitKeeper service, or need a refresher about the service, please visit the READS-To-Go blog to read our prior announcements and FAQs.

Lastly, if you have any questions please contact your giddy NH KitKeeper team at or by phone at the Hooksett Library (485-6092).

Your NH KitKeeper Team,

Brianna Hemmah
READS-To-Go Committee Member
Library Assistant – Hooksett Library

Martha Simmons
READS-To-Go Committee Member
Technical Services Assistant – Hooksett Library

Mathew Bose
READS Treasurer
Assistant Director – Hooksett Library

RTG KitKeeper Phase 2

Dear NH Librarians,

Thank you for your interest in and support for the READS-TO-GO KitKeeper service.

We are now engaging in the second phase of our KitKeeper site configuration process and we need your assistance.

Please visit the RTG site for more information and instructions. Our goal is to launch the service by November 1, 2016, so please help us by complying with our request for information by Friday, October 21. With your help we can remain on target to launch the service this fall!

For questions about RTG KitKeeper, please contact

Announcing 7 RTG Kits!

boston girl These six fiction and one nonfiction titles have been added over the past six months.

We are always looking for new libraries and groups to sponsor more kits! Contact: Diane Mayr

Station Eleven–A RTG Kit!

Station Eleven
We’re nearing 150 titles in our program. The latest is Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. Learn more here.

Another New Title!

euphoriaEuphoria by Lily King hosted by Amherst T. L. Click here for more information. –Diane

Etta and Otto and Russell and James


Etta and Otto and Russell and James, by Emma Hooper, is now a READS-TO-GO kit! Learn more here.

Nonfiction Kit!

We’ve added a nonfiction title to our kits–The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown.

More RTG Kits

We have three new titles! Read more here.


Mercy Snow

Museum of Extraordinary Things