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ALA NH Chapter Councilor’s Report- Annual Conference in Chicago 2017

ALA NH Chapter Councilor’s Report

ALA Annual Conference

June 2017

As one can imagine, discussions at the ALA Annual Meeting in Chicago had a common theme. Advocacy. Advocacy. Advocacy. On the council floor, in meetings, programs and conference rooms, people were talking about promoting the role of libraries within our communities and within the halls of government.

Council sessions were lively and productive. I am listing the highlights of the council work in Chicago, but as always, please do not hesitate to call or email me if you would like to know more about a particular topic or discussion. American Libraries has a nice wrap up of the entire conference in the July 19, 2017 issue. If you scroll to the bottom of the article, there is a brief reporting of Council Sessions including links to resolutions. Most of that information is also found in the report below.

ALA Council I

Reports of ALA/Council Committees:

ALA President’s Report, Julie B. Todaro, ALA President, ALA CD#21.1


Book Club Central lead by Sarah Jessica Parker. First pick, No One is Coming to Save Us by Stephanie Powell Watts.

Fight-for-Libraries. Advocacy


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Fake News

Unique patron and and community issues (including community health issues)

Net Neutrality


We can’t be complacent. These issues apply to ALL libraries.

Review of Executive Board Actions since the 2016 Midwinter Meeting, Keith Michael Fiels,

Executive Director and Secretary to the ALA Council, ALA CD#15.3

Implementation of the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting Council Actions, Keith Michael Fiels,

ALA Executive Director and Secretary to the ALA Council, ALA CD#9.1


American Library Association Statement on Global Climate Change and a Call for Support for Libraries and Librarians – Brought to Council from the Virtual Membership Meeting (June 8, 2017)

Motion to refer to the Sustainability Round Table – Failed (voted no).

Motion to postpone to Council II –  Motion failed (voted no).

Motion to amend the first whereas clause to remove Donald Trump’s name – Motion failed (voted no).

Motion to amend with new resolved – Motion passed (voted yes).

Motion to amend CD#41 to remove Trump’s name is adopted (voted yes).

Motion to add new whereas to CD#41. Motion failed.

CD#41 as amended passed (voted yes).

The full text of the final resolution is here.


U.S. Government Update, Adam Eisgrau, Managing Director, ALA Office for Government Relations (OGR)

ALA Council II

Reports of ALA/Council Committees:

Committee on Diversity, ALA Councilor Martin L. Garnar, Chair ALA CD#31

Report of the Committee on Diversity

Action item: Council was asked to approve the following definition of diversity to give us clarity and common language in our discussions.

From the report, “ Diversity can be defined as the sum of the ways that people are both alike and different. Visible diversity is generally those attributes or characteristics that are external. However, diversity goes beyond the external to internal characteristics that we choose to define as ‘invisible’ diversity. Invisible diversity includes those characteristics and attributes that are not readily seen. When we recognize, value, and embrace diversity, we are recognizing, valuing, and embracing the uniqueness of each individual. The Task Force has chosen to define “diversity” in all its complexity in order to recognize and honor the uniqueness of each ALA member, all members of our profession, and our very diverse communities. The Task Force also agrees with the National Education Association that, “While diversity itself is not a value laden term, the way that people react to diversity is driven by values, attitudes, beliefs, and so on. Full acceptance of diversity is a major principle of social justice.” (Adapted from National Education Association:

Motion passed. I voted yes. The full passage of An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights regarding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion can be found on the ALA website.

Another action item from the Report of the Committee on Diversity was the passing of a Resolution on Libraries as Responsible Spaces. The entire text of the resolution in the report. The following are the resolved clauses:

Resolved, that the American Library Association, on behalf of its members:

  1. urges libraries to embrace the mantle of responsible spaces by adopting and enforcing user behavior policies that protect patrons and staff from harassment while maintaining our historic support for the freedom of speech;
  2. encourages libraries to develop community partnership programs with and promote services to underrepresented and unacknowledged community members;
  3. encourages libraries to sponsor programs fostering meaningful and respectful dialogue in community; and 4. directs the Committee on Diversity, with the support of the Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services and the ODLOS Advisory Committee, to develop, provide, and disseminate materials and programming for libraries that deter hate, foster community, and oppose bigotry toward or oppression against any group.

The motion passed. I voted yes.


Other reports presented to Council:

Policy Monitoring Committee (PMC) ALA Councilor Christopher J. Corrigan, ALA CD#17.1

Committee on Organization (COO) Sue Considine, Chair, ALA CD#27.1

International Relations Committee (IRC) CD#18.1-18.2

Constitution and Bylaws Committee    James (Jim) R. Rettig, Chair, ALA CD#25.1ma

Recognition of the work of retiring Executive Director, Keith Michael Fiels

Reports of Special Committees:

Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF)  Martin L. Garnar, President, ALA CD#22.1 (Always full of interesting information)!

Center for the Future of Libraries Susan Kent, Chair, ALA CD#39

Conference Accessibility Task Force, Mike Marlin and ALA Councilor Christopher J. Corrigan and ALA Executive Board Member Mike L. Marlin, co-chairs, ALA CD#37.1


ALA Council III

Memorials, Tributes and Testimonials were presented. I don’t normally include links to the texts of memorials, but a memorial resolution for Marija C. Sanderling, a former NH librarian was presented. You can read the resolution at this link Marija C. Sanderling, M-#11.

Reports of Officers

ALA Treasurer’s Report

Approval of the Annual Estimates of Income & FY2018 Budgetary Ceiling for FY2018, Susan H. Hildreth, ALA CD#13.2

Council approved the FY 2018 budgetary ceiling of $66,674,990. Voted yes.

Committee on Legislation, Ann Dutton Ewbank, Chair, ALA CD#20.1

No action items, but strongly urged us all to remain active in our advocacy efforts.

Intellectual Freedom Committee,  Pamela R. Klipsch, ALA CD#19.11

Politics in American Libraries: An Interpretation of the Library bill of Rights CD#19.12

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights CD#19.13

Both motions passed. Voted yes to both.


Announcements from Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director and ALA Secretary of Council

Attendance 22,172. Numbers higher than both Orlando and San Francisco.

ALA Midwinter will be in mid-February 2018 in Denver, CO.


Respectfully submitted,

Amy S. Lappin

NH Chapter Councilor

Deputy Director, Lebanon Public Library



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