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NHLA Fall Conference – Nov. 8, 2012

The NHLA Fall Conference and Business Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 8, 2012 at Gunstock Mountain Resort.  Here’s what you have to look forward to:


Robert E. Dunn Jr., New Hampshire Library Association lobbyist, shareholder, Devine, Millimet & Branch, Professional Association

Did you know that NHLA has had a lobbyist for nearly twenty years? ROBERT E. DUNN is the organization’s current lobbyist. He will be discussing the present legislative environment and NHLA’s work in Concord. Find out exactly what our lobbyist does and learn how NHLA impacts legislative issues.

Bob Dunn teaches Lobbying and the Legislative Process as an adjunct professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law, and is the chair of Devine Millimet’s Legislative and Governmental Affairs Practice Group. Bob’s practice is focused primarily on representing clients before the New Hampshire legislature, executive branch departments, and administrative bodies such as the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission. Bob represents clients in a wide variety of areas, including health care, religious institutions, energy, public safety, and telecommunications.


Mary S. Searles, NH Law Library
Kathy Fletcher, UNH School of Law

Ever had a distraught person standing in front of you looking for legal information NOW? What about the tenant or landlord who wants to know all about evictions? Two New Hampshire law librarians offer tips and techniques for handling those tricky legal reference questions. Focus will be on handling difficult questions and being aware of the potential pitfalls involved when providing information to patrons.

MARY S. SEARLES is the director of The John W. King New Hampshire Law Library, the state’s only public law library. Prior to becoming a librarian, she was coordinator of the New Hampshire Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral, Reduced Fee and domestic violence programs as well as the Bar’s public information pamphlets and Pro Se Divorce Book.

KATHY FLETCHER has been a law librarian for almost twenty years. She joined the University of New Hampshire School Law in 2004 and prior to that worked at the New Hampshire Law Library. She also was a law librarian in Wiggin & Nourie, PA, in Manchester, one of the state’s oldest and largest law firms.


Author CAROL LEE ANDERSON tells the little-known story of the development of winter sports and skiing in the Lakes Region, from before the construction of Gunstock through present-day efforts to preserve the resort’s rich history. Included will be stories of skiing greats Torger Tokle and Penny Pitou as well as coaches Gary Allen and Bill Trudgeon. Anderson’s book won the 2011 Skade Award from the International Skiing History Association. She is currently writing a book about the life of cartoonist and Archie creator, Bob Montana, and his life in the Lakes Region.

More information—

The registration deadline is Friday, October 25, 2012. Download the registration form and send it along if you would like to join us.

The YALS, CHILIS, and READS fall conferences are all coming up soon! More information can be found under the “Conferences” tab at the top of the page.

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