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More eBooks for Libraries Campaign

The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library has started a terrific campaign to encourage more publishers to sell e-content to libraries. The website, which includes a petition, is at The site includes a terrific video explaining why libraries and library customers want access to more e-content, and encourages visitors to sign the online petition. Topeka purposely does not mention itself in the video, and barely mentions itself in the rest of the website. As a result, we can all link to it from our own website and sort of claim it as our own. So I encourage everyone to get their staff and patrons to visit the site and sign the petition!

Of course, these issues will also be covered in depth at NHLA’s Digital Summit on June 1st, including a presentation from Alan Inouye, Director of ALA’s Office for InformationĀ  Technology Policy, who has sat in on many of the meetings ALA’s leadership has had with publishers and author groups. I hope to seeĀ  you all at the Summit!

– Steve Butzel, ALA Councilor

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