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READS 2011 Annual Report of the President

READS membership continued to increase in 2011, with a new membership total of 203, up from 184 in 2010. Welcome to our new members!

The READS Executive Board began its year with change. Gaye Kulvete, READS president, resigned when she moved to North Carolina. VP/President-elect Pat Fickett filled the position of President, and a special election was held for a new VP/President elect. Myra Emmons of Brookline Public Library was elected to that position.

In 2011 the READS programming committee offered three spring Roundtable Discussions titled Purchasing and Weeding: How do you grow your collection?  The sessions, held in Wilton, Rye and Franklin were well attended.

The spring NHLA conference included four sessions sponsored by READS:
When to Call the Police, moderated by Lori Fisher
Read Any Good Books Lately by the Reads-To-Go Committee
Reading Woman: a Guide to Women’s Fiction presented by Nanci Milone Hill
“But I’ve Never Fixed a Carburetor! Readers’ Advisory Training for the General Practitioner” – presented by Nanci Milone Hill

These sessions were also well attended, and the evaluations gave positive feedback to all of them. Many thanks to those who planned and implemented these programs.

In reviewing its Mission Statement, the READS Executive Board has developed a plan for the implementation of “Pop Up Roundtables” to address current concerns of librarians in a timely manner. In addition to our regular Spring Roundtable programs, Pop Up Roundtables could occur any time a group of librarians wish to convene to discuss issues of immediate concern to the membership. Monitoring the NHAIS listserve, and responding to the requests of READS members will be the methods used to identify topics for discussion.

READS-T0-GO added 10 new book discussion kits in 2010. In addition, they submitted a proposal to NHLA for funds to add 3 additional kits. NHLA responded by voting to fund 10 new kits.

The Nominating Committee has had four nominations for the 2011 READS award of excellence. The winner announced at the READS Fall Business Meeting is Thelma Tracy of the Weare Public Library.

The 2011 Executive Board includes:
President: Pat Fickett, Wilton Public and Gregg Free Library
Vice President/President Elect: Myra Emmons, Brookline Public Library
Secretary: Mary Cronin, Madision Library
Treasurer: Deann Hunter, Laconia Public Library
Past President: Linda Taggart, Nashua Public Library
Public Relations: Lori Fisher, Baker Free Library (Bow)
Membership: Emily Weiss, Bedford Public Library
Programming: Erin Apostolos, Meridith Public Library
READS To GO: Diane Mayr, Nesmith Library (Windham)
Conference Liason: Caitlyn Stevens, Bedford Public Library

Many thanks to the Executive Board for all their work This year. Linda Taggart is completing her three year comittment to the board as VP, President and Past President. Thank you, Linda.

Emily Weiss, the Membership Chair is stepping down, having completed her term. She will be replaced by Kersten Matera. Thank you, Emily, for your years of service.

If you would like to serve on any of the READS committees please see Erin Apostolos (programming), Lori Fisher (public relations), Diane Mayr (READS TO GO) or Kersten Matera (membership)

Respectfully submitted

Patricia Fickett

Pat Fickett, Director
Wilton Public and Gregg Free Library
Wilton, NH

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