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Marilyn Johnson, author of This Book is Overdue

Marilyn Johnson, author of the critically acclaimed book, This Book is Overdue, spent an hour and a half this past Friday visiting with a dozen Gen-X librarians from Portsmouth Public Library before giving a terrific book talk in town. The pre-booktalk gathering, which included delicious Flatbreads pizza and lively conversation, was the first of a series of upcoming social events for Gen-X librarians throughout NH.

Marilyn’s book talk reflected both her passionate belief in the critical role of all librarians in today’s society and her terrific sense of humor. I would highly recommend inviting Marilyn to come speak in your community. She would love to make the trip. The best way to contact Marilyn is by email at this address, marilynajohnson at aol dot com.

If you would like to be informed of future social and/or professional events for NH Gen-X librarians, contact me by email, skbutzel at cityofportsmouth dot com.

For more info about Marilyn, visit these sites:

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