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NHLA Membership Renewal glitch and what to do

The Local Government Center, who takes care of our institutional mailings, mistakenly provided NHLTA envelopes for NHLA membership renewal. When I spoke with Christian at LGC, he apologized for the confusion and hastened to reassure me that all renewal checks go to the same mailbox and to the same person who keeps track of membership renewals. She has been alerted to the situation and, as long as the checks are made payable to NHLA, your renewal will be credited to the proper organization.


Another solution is not to bother using the incorrect envelope and provide one of your own addressed to LGC, 25 Triangle Park Drive, PO Box 617, Concord, NH 03302-0617 or send it on the van via Concord…just a Friday thought.




Judy Haskell

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