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Marketing Idea for NHLA Sections or Libraries

I retweeted this fun story on our NHLA Twitter feed, but I thought everyone might get a kick out of it. The article comes from Library Journal:

The Maine Library Association (MLA) came up with a nifty new way to promote libraries and the organization itself: coffee/hot drink sleeves with literary quotes (authors include Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, and George Eliot), the MLA’s new logo, and the MLA URL.

"The project started with a new logo and is part of a way to promote a new web site that is currently being created," explained MLA president Sonja Plummer-Morgan. "Offering coffee sleeves to the business community gives us an opportunity to reach their customers, but also to open dialog about the value of economic and community development and the role that libraries play."


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  1. Jack says:

    That’s a great idea.

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