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NHLA/NHEMA Conference???

Coming up next week, I will be meeting with two members of NHEMA to begin discusssing a number of topics including the concept of holding a joint NHLA/NHEMA conference at some point in the future. The NHLA Executive Board has begun discussing this topic, but I would like to hear from as many NHLA members as possible. Just leave a comment to this entry, or if you would prefer sending me an email directly, send it to skbutzel at cityofportsmouth dot com. Why would you like or not like to see NHLA hold a joint conference with NHEMA? Be as specific as possible. If we were to hold a joint conference at some point in the future, how could it better than previous joint conferences? Finally, if you would like to be a member of a future NHLA conference committee, please let me know that as well.

Steve Butzel


2 Responses to “NHLA/NHEMA Conference???”

  1. Mary Cronin says:

    Weren’t there plans not too long ago to hold a joint conference every other or third year?
    Last year’s NHLA conference was so nicely geared for public librarians with programming/speakers, there wasn’t a single session that I felt didn’t apply to my work. This was not the case with joint conferences, but that said, I also enjoyed past joint conferences–hearing children’s authors speak, seeing more vendors in the vendor area, getting story time ideas.
    (And thank you for posting the audios and other resources from May’s conference here so I can see what I missed.)

  2. Steve Butzel says:

    Hi Mary,
    Last week I met with representatives from NHEMA, and we discussed the various options for a joint conference. We arrived at a shared understanding that both groups, on the whole, would prefer to continue with separate organizational conferences, so that is the plan for the foreseeable future.
    We also discussed the possibility of creating a separate event specifically focused on youth librarianship which would aim to bring together members of both associations. Right now that idea is being considered by both associations. I’ll keep you informed about any developments on this front.

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