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Between the Lions creators bring a new multi-media music project to Public Libraries!

Very nice speaking with you today. Included below is a general project description, short benefits summary, and how the program works. I really appreciate you forwarding the opportunity state-wide. We are looking forward to partnering with public libraries in New Hampshire so that ALL kids can get the benefits of the award-winning curriculum. Please preview a full ½ hour episode of LOMAX when you get the chance:

We typically form partnerships with associations or systems to implement the educational outreach for this project and provide group in-service trainings once a year. Any additional feedback on how we can move forward is greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Gene B. Hale, III
Vice President/General Manager
Melody Hounds® Music Classes
P: 800-619-2206, F: 732-450-9250

Melody Hounds® is a new curriculum-based, multi-media music program designed to help ALL kids develop an artful sense of melody and rhythm.

We are currently running the curriculum/classes in over 150 local YMCAs Nationally, helping 10,000+ kids ages 2.5 to 7 years enhance their musical intelligence. The “Media” element of our project comes by way of a curriculum-based TV series called Lomax, The Hound of Music™ airing on Public Television this fall. The LOMAX TV series mirrors the Melody Hounds® music classes being run in a growing number of locations across the country.

Lomax: The Hound of Music is a new, highly participatory, 13-part children’s series premiering on PBS October 6th 2008. Our partners creating the series are the same people that brought you Between the Lions®. Please watch a full ½ hour episode of LOMAX when you get the chance:

Starting now, we are extending this new program opportunity to Public Libraries across the United States. 

Benefits Summary:

All children receiving Melody Hounds are getting numerous cross-curricular benefits in addition to enhancing their musical development. They are learning mathematical concepts through the beat exercises, language development through songs/rhymes, even learning our country’s history through songtales. The kids are also learning social skills, such as waiting their turn, reducing performance anxiety, and building self-esteem. Other concepts learned are critical thinking skills, expressive speech, fine and gross motor skills including awareness of body parts (Laban-wrote a complex code for body movement, we use this in our lessons), imagination, creativity, and cultural and moral values. All these wonderful aspects of the curriculum will be reinforced at home when LOMAX airs this fall. We also provide licensed sites with a parent letter to send home so parents can log-in to the parent section of and hopefully get involved at home!

How it works:

  1. Cost – $900 annual fee per library (this is our typical discounted association rate assuming all staff from each site can attend one group training and at least 4 libraries participate)
  2. Program Application MH recommends the program be delivered to 10-15 kids at a time, 1 to 5 times a week, for 20-25 minutes at a time.
  3. Training – we provide an annual in-service training for all your staff. You will receive a new group training each year and there is no limit to the number of staff each site sends (training is included in the annual fee). Training lasts approximately 3 hours and anyone trained can effectively teach the program (i.e. you don’t have to be a professional singer or musician).
  4. 2009 MH Kit – each licensed site receives an MH kit (all teaching materials fit into a portable duffel bag provided by Melody Hounds), and a new one each year that will correspond with the TV Series. Everything needed to operate the program is included in the MH kit.
  5. Website – as part of the program, your Melody Hounds parents will have exclusive access via user name & password (per licensed site) to the parent section of our website where they will find words from the songs/rhymes done in class and at-home activities.

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