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NHLA Website Now Searchable (So are the CHILIS, READS and URBANS sites)

Google Custom SearchThe entire NHLA website is now searchable from the home page. Look for the Google Custom Search form on the right hand side, just below the form for searching the blog. I know that’s a bit confusing, so let me spell it out. If you want to limit your search to blog entries, use the top search box. If you want your search to include blog entries and all other pages within the domain, including the CHILIS, READS, READS-TO-GO, URBANS and NHLA websites, use the Google Custom Search form.

If you’re interested in adding a Google Custom Search form to your library’s website, join the Information Technology Section (by sending me an email stating you want to do so, skbutzel at and members of ITS will help you through the process. Remember, joining ITS is completely free. There is no membership fee.

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