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Executive Board Reports, June 2008

NHLA Executive Board Reports

June 17th, 2008



Thanks to the Conference Committee for all their hard work planning and running the Spring Conference, you should be proud of what you accomplished.

Becky Clerkin, Rob Sargent and myself continue to work on our “Going Paperless” announcement which will include a postcard mailing, announcements on the blog and NHAIS list, and hopefully visits to the COOPs.  These announcements will include instructions on how to get to the blog and how to sign up for the email updates and feeds.

Past President

Vice President


DATE: Monday, June 09, 2008

MEMO TO: NHLA Executive Board

FROM: Carl Heidenblad

Phone: (603) 432-7154 FAX: (603) 537-0097


I am attaching:

Balance sheet for 5-31-08

Balance Sheet 5-31-08         Bank Statement 5-31-08

SAVINGS                             Savings

READS 3565.26                     READS 3565.26

URBANS 2715.75                  URBANS 2715.75

CHILIS 37523.22                   CHILIS 37523.22

NHLA (2884) 142458.06       NHLA (2884) 142458.06

Checking                              Checking

CHECKING                           Checking

(1524) 176.64*                        (1524) 1663.95

Total 186,438.93                   187,926.24

* Reconciles with the bank statement. There were $1487.31 in checks that had not cleared as of 5-31-08, most of which were conference expenses.

Respectfully submitted,

Carl Heidenblad

     4:15 PMNew Hampshire Library Association
     06/11/08Balance Sheet
     Cash BasisAs of May 31, 2008

       Current Assets
            1110 · Chkng- 1524
              1120 · Unrestricted
                 1122 · Operating                               
                 1126 · CHILIS                                   
                 1128 · Urban                                    
              Total 1120 · Unrestricted                               


            Total 1110 · Chkng- 1524                                 


            1200 · Svngs -2884
              1210 · Unrestricted OPERATING NHLA                     
              1220 · Restricted
                 1222 · WINCHELL                               
                 1224 · NORRIS                                 
                 1226 · MACDONALD                       &nbs

                 1228 · Legislative Public Relations           
                 1229 · GEISEL                                     
              Total 1220 · Restricted                               


              1200 · Svngs -2884 – Other                             
            Total 1200 · Svngs -2884                                 


            1250 · Svngs-READ-9668
              1255 · Unrestricted READS                               
            Total 1250 · Svngs-READ-9668                             


            1300 · Svngs-URBN-1649
              1310 · Unrestricted URBAN                                
            Total 1300 · Svngs-URBN-1649                             


            1410 · Svngs-CHIL-6937
              1415 · Unrestricted CHILIS                             
            Total 1410 · Svngs-CHIL-6937                             


          Total Checking/Savings                                     


          Other Current Assets
            1500 · Loan Receivable                                    
          Total Other Current Assets                                 

       Total Current Assets                                           


     TOTAL ASSETS                                                      


3120 · Restricted Net Assets                               
          3900 · Net Assets                                           
          3940 · Unrestricted Net Assets                             
          Net Income                                                 
       Total Equity                                                   


     TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                                       



ALA Representative

The 2008 Annual Conference will be held in Anaheim, CA, from June 26–July 2, 2008.

NELA Representative

NELA has accepted the resignation of Peter Blaisdell as Executive Secretary and Mary Ann Rupert expressed interest in assuming his duties and growing her position as Conference Manager into Executive Manager for NELA. The Executive Board feels that it has to put out an RFP for such a position to maintain institutional transparency but has asked Mary Ann to serve as interim Executive Manager through December, 2008.

The NELA membership chair is forming a committee to activate a mentoring program throughout the states and to investigate $10 rewards for recruiting new members.

NELLS will be held at Rolling Ridge Conference Center in North Andover from July 28th through August 1st.

The NELA conference committee has a list of 40 programs that will be offered in Manchester at its annual conference Taking Charge of Change at the Radisson Hotel October 19th through 21st. I heard from Mary Ann Rupert that the NELA Games will be some sort of “Trivial Pursuit”.
Next NELA meeting is scheduled for July 18th, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Haskell






NHLA Spring Conference– READS had a presence this year at the NHLA Spring Conference. A table in the registration area displayed READS-to-Go materials, posters advertising READS activities and READS pads and pens. A raffle open to anyone who suggested new titles for READS-to-Go offered a book as the prize. Three sessions on the program were arranged by READS. Diane Arrato-Gavrish organized and moderated a panel, “Adults Read During the Summer, Too!”. “Verbal Judo” presented by Weare Deputy Chief Bill Quigley explained how taking sides with the patron and other conflict reducing techniques can bring better service results and avoid no-win confrontations. A panel consisting of Portsmouth Library Director Mary Ann List, Audubon Society of NH President Richard Minard, Jr., and NH DES Commissioner Tom Burack discussed “High Performance Buildings: Why Go Green?” The latter workshop had little discussion time, but the audience unanimously wanted a networked discussion to go on around the year as various libraries plan for growth. This is a topic READS will look at and possibly facilitate discussion.

READS-to-Go under the chairmanship of Diane Mayr has gone a long way already. New kits are being added and as they are cataloged, updates to the website are making titles available to reading groups. Steve Butzel has been of invaluable assistance in creating and updating the READS-to-Go website. He is working with the committee to finalize some of the work he began. From there, Jon Kinneman of Nichols Library will take over more routine responsibilities for this and the READS page.

READS Nominating Committee is actively seeking candidates. This year we are looking for the next treasurer, and a vice-president/president-elect. There will be a vacancy on the Membership Committee, which may already be filled. It is our hope to recruit someone representing the state’s smaller libraries, which READS would like to include in more activities.

READS Award of Excellence postcards are in print, and will soon be sent out to N.H. libraries. They are reminders that we may nominate someone who has shown outstanding professional qualities in adult services to receive an award at the October 24 fall meeting. Nominations should be submitted by August 1.

A READS handbook is about half complete. The Executive Board has gone over a handbook started by Past President Sarah Leonardi, enlarging job descriptions and updating as necessary. All executive positions and committees will be described in the handbook, which will be posted on the website. Again, we hope to reach out to libraries that haven’t been active, in hopes that greater participation will give a voice to their needs and strengths.

 The READS Program Committee meets regularly and is in the midst of planning “What’s a Librarian to Do: How Best to Serve Your Disabled Population.” This day of discussions [Oct. 24] will be highlighted by keynote speaker Carol Nedau from The Governor’s Commission on Disabilities. Brochures will go out the first week in September.


The Urbans group met in April to discuss the NHLA programs that they were presenting and sharing ideas from the programs they attended at PLA.






Continuing Education

Intellectual Freedom


Tracey is working on strategies to increase membership.


The Scholarship Committee has awarded a $1000 Rosalie Norris Scholarship to Lisa Richards of Bow. Lisa is currently a Nutrition Consultant for the NH Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Services, Bureau of Prevention Services. Lisa is attending University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Library and Information Studies. After completing the program she hopes to work in an academic or medical library.

The next deadline for scholarship and loan applications is September 1, 2008

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Leonardi

Ways and Means


Center for the Book


NH State Library

NH State Library Advisory Council

Trustee Association

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