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If you missed the READS-TO-GO sessions at NHLA’s conference, then all I can say is you missed out on a lot of fun.  Even though this new READS program alone would get any librarian excited, RTG’s creators outdid themselves donning costumes and performing numerous outlandish skits based on such famous gameshows as Family Feud and Lets Make a Deal to outline the rational behind READS-TO-GO and its many well thought out features and processes.

But perhaps you still aren’t familiar with RTG.  Never fear, READS-TO-GO has its own new website that is rapidly adding more information.  Right now, you can browse a list of the more than twenty popular book titles that will be available in book bags along with kits including discussion questions and much, much more.  So please visit the new website regularly and get your book groups ready to participate in this enthusiastic, innovative program.

READS-TO-GO website address:

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