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Barnes and Noble Book Fair

National Library Week, April 15th – 21st, is fast approaching.  Barnes & Noble is celebrating throughout New England with a Book Fair in each state on April 20th and 21st.  Ways and Means Chair Sean Fleming, Rebecca Clerkin, and I have been meeting with the Community Relations Managers (CRM) of the four NH Barnes & Nobles stores—Manchester, Nashua, Salem and Newington—since last fall.  Barnes & Noble will donate a percentage of the sales generated April 20 and 21st in the four New Hampshire stores to NHLA for the Great Stone Face Award.

B&N Community Relations Managers are planning special events at each of the stores to draw in the community.  Our job as New Hampshire Librarians is to publicize the event in our libraries, especially in the libraries around the four stores.  To aid in that, special vouchers will be posted on the website for every library to print to hand to their patrons.  If you are in a library close to one of the Barnes & Noble stores, please print off and distribute the vouchers.  There will also be vouchers available in the stores, but corporate rules will not allow them to advertise their existence.  Remind your patrons to take the voucher with them, or to ask for one on those two days.

As each store makes up its voucher, we will post it on the website for you to print and distribute.

Any voucher can be used in any store.  They are different only in announcing different events at the different stores.

Yes, this event makes money for Barnes & Noble, but it also benefits New Hampshire libraries.  This big corporate giant did not need to offer to give us money; they truly believe in libraries and literacy.  The more promotion we do, the more people in the stores with vouchers, the more money is generated for the Great Stone Face program.

If you have a contact with your local newspaper, cable channel, radio station, or any news media, please feel free to send out a notice about National Library Week and the Book Fair.  This fundraiser will only be as successful as the effort we put into it.  There are three librarians as contact people for each store and hopefully they will be drumming up enthusiasm in your area.  Mark your calendars to start a push for this in early April.  Thank you!

Catherine Redden

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