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Fran Wiggin, 2001 Ann Geisel Award Recipient

2001 Geisel Award, Fran Wiggin
Theresa Paré presents the first Geisel Award to Fran Wiggin

2001 Geisel Award, Fran Wiggin

Fran Wiggin received the Ann Geisel Award at the NHLA Fall Conference on November 1, 2001.  Fran was nominated to receive this honor by the NHLA Awards Committee in recognition of her many accomplishments and contributions to the library profession.

Fran was the Director of the Bedford Public Library until her retirement this fall. During that time, she developed outstanding library services for the residents of Bedford. She built not one but two libraries during her tenure. She was one of the first libr arians to embrace automation in the state and was active in NHAIS as well as a founding member of GMILCS, Inc.

Fran is dedicated to the vision and mission of the NH Library Association. She was the longest serving member of the Executive Board as Membership Chair. Her annual auction raised thousands of dollars to support scholarships and other activities of the Association. She routinely mentored new librarians to the state and has served as a role model to many.

Even in retirement, Fran continues to contribute to the library profession in her current role as interim librarian at the Currier Gallery of Art in Manchester. She truly exemplifies “distinguished service to the NH library community”. NHLA and profession are the better due to her dedication, service, and outstanding commitment to quality library services.

Theresa Paré